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21 Reviews for (Injen RD Series ColdAir Intakes)

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10)
Injen RD Series Cold Air Intakes

Injen  Injen RD Series Cold Air Intakes  

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10) - 21 Reviews  Write Review

10IonQuad3Ion"This product is outstanding and the power gain is great. It was easy to install but I had some small issues with removing the stock intake. Overall, it was easy to put together and it only took me an hour to install. My vehicle did improve in horsepower gain and does feel like it runs faster than before. I do love this product and look forward to purchasing other products from HorsePowerFreaks."
8mtriplesCivic"CAI works great. Pictures in instructions were very unclear, but better quality pictures were found on Injen's website."
9Cody41767Protege"sound and performs great."
10Marcus43265Ion"This product was moderately easy to install and I am very satisfied with my purchase. The product has exceeded all of my expectations. My vehicle has improved its gas milage and air flow due to the installation of this product."
10Trent29925Vibe"easy installation and great product all the way around"
10blakePrelude"This intake is amazing for the prelude. The only problem i ran into was taking out the stock resonator without removing the bumper. After that installation took about 15 minutes. There was definitely a noticeable increase in power. It felt amazing at about 3k rpm, and the sound was ungodly. I heard a nice little whistle at about 1k rpm before redline. I highly recomend this product."
10Frank26984Forester"It works as advertised. Easy to follow instructions, took about 45 minutes to install."
10GrantSentra"holy crap! this thing has some major kick! it came in the mail extremely quick and was very easy to install. Took off front bumper and F.L. tire and it was a breeze. Sounds exceptional: not too noizy but definitely powerful. Thanks again!"
8Jonathan23705Sentra"Great product it lets the engine breath so much more and there is a noticable difference in the acceleration and performance"
9John20497Impreza"Easy installation, good gains, high quality. Awesome boxer sound when you get on the gas."
10Brian18963Maxima"Great product, sounds great too"
10Darshan16286Maxima"makes big difference. til 3000 rpm the car in quiet but after 3000rpm it moves and main thing sound's like muscle car. worth the money"
9Aran14757Protege"installation was done by a professional, quality was very good. Power gain was pretty good. 2 piece piping would of suited me better though. Overall, this part was worth getting, cheers."
10Ryan12495Protege"Injen intakes are the best intakes out there. They cost less than the other brands, and Injen intakes always have an EO#, which is nessacery if you live in CA. The product was very easy to install, and fit perfectly. The performance increased as would be expected. Throttle response was far better with this intake. The car also pulled harder at the higher RPMS with this intake. Definitly worth every penny. Looks great under the hood too!"
9Justin12547Lancer"Item was excellent! A little difficult to install but if you know your way around a car, then it's not so bad. I got amazing power and sound. Before I sold my car I took the Intake off, and missed it ALOT! Also, in the instructions where it says to cut a piece of plastic, just take the whole thing out. It's not useful or very big. Last, the reason I scored a 9 is because the Intake rubbed on the battery box and caused some slight blemishes. I highly recommend buying from They have the best price anywhere!"
10Adam12876Protege"very good solid preformance, and very easy to install. i did see an imediate power gain, and the quality of the overall product is exactly what i wanted from this perticular part. thank you"
9Markus8798200SX"The performance of this product is excellent. I was actually surprised at the performance gains after installation. Seat-of-the-pants results were more horsepower, faster acceleration, and an agressive sound all resulted from the installation of this product. I'm no mechanic, but the installation was pretty straight forward, anyone with minimal attention to detail can install this. The results were surprising enough for me to consider installing a similar product on another one of my vehicles."
9Nassar10051Accord"Package was complete. Installation was a breeze. Nothing really into it. Did not install the second part and left the air filter exposed un the hood. After starting the car, engine vacume/Air Filter noise is audible even from inside the car while warming up. Audible when the throttle is pressed all the way down. Engine shakes while at red lights and car gear is in Drive. For the money, would not install it and just be satisfied with a K&N filter. I did not try the tube extension to put the filter behind the front bumper yet."
5dtredwing14STi"Good product but on my car it sounds like I have a air leak. It sounds like others have reported the same thing. Have to watch out when it rains."
9Kenneth5426Accord"I was very pleased with this cold air intake. I had no trouble installing it. It had a whistle at about 1500 rpm but adjusting how far the filter was pushed on the induction tube seemed to get rid of it. The car felt more responsive to throttle but was hard to tell if it was just that it sounded better. When I installed a header and exaust there was no mistaking the power improvements. Gas mileage went up 2 mpg. I am very pleased with this product and Horse Power Freaks service. Thanks"