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24 Reviews for (Injen Short RamAir Intakes)

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10)
Injen Short Ram Air Intakes

Injen  Injen Short Ram Air Intakes  

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10) - 24 Reviews  Write Review

9nicholas95393IS300"it was very nice looks good sounds good - the heat shield was kind of a pain to put on but it was nice once we got the back bolt"
10michael87351WRX"helped add 5 miles to the is realy does work"
9MatthewCelica"Instruction were indeed a tad confusing but once I figured them out it was very simple. The heat shield is kinda awkwardly in the way and doesn't really deter that much engine heat, also if you don't find a means of custom fitting a support rod to the intake to hold it up, it tends to sag and the heat shield rattles on the engine compartment metal. To avoid this, install the 3 1/2" short hose and clamps going to the throttle body when the car and engine are COOL that way when the engine heats up the clamps hold it on better, if installed hot, it will sag when the engine cools of. Noticeable power and throttle response gain, great product overall!"
10Chris33981240SX"great product!"
9rogerEclipse"runs great no promlem to install and it ran faster longer and is built really well"
10Sean39751RSX"really good product the instructions were great and it was a breeze to install. thanks much!!"
9micah78405IS300"the sensor was a little tight but everything else was perfect"
10Terry54164Supra"This Injen air Intake was just what i needed, giving me the extra grawl to the extra power rating on 1-10 would be an 10"
9Ivan353473000GT"I like it. It made the performance of my car increase some. But, it would have been better if there was a picture of the product I bought instead of the default honda civic air intake picture."
10Hieu19355Corolla"easy to install and look great"
9Barry33015Integra"The product was flawless, although the instructions were slightly confusing. Once I figured them out, the installation was very simple. Great product overall."
10Rusty28273Cavalier"Easy to install, HP Gain and sounds great with a Apexi Exhaust!!! Perfect Investment"
9chaseTiburon"Good performance and gas mileage gain, easy install (free stickers! lolz), and sleek look. I wish I would have got it in black (but at 120 i cant really complain! haha)"
7Trevor19446Celica"Tarnishes very easily. I think I could make a better unit myself from scratch. Performance wise I guess satisfactory. Heat shield is not a deterant from heat under the hood. Had to fabricate a heat shield within the car. For the price not really worth it."
10JoridThoug14086Prelude"Nice!! (Honda prelude)More power ;)"
7Gabriel15052240SX"the product came just as pictured in mint conditon...yes i noticed a slight power gain...still running in my car as i write this and overall i rated this product a 7..."
9TRAVIS15122xB"fits perfect."
10CraigEclipse"Worth every dollar with the gain in gas mileage. I noticed about 3-4mpg/highway with quicker revs and less turbo lag. One of the best looking intakes available."
8TrinityJetta"i have a volkswagen 97 jetta III... do you have any picture of what it would look like after installing the part...? and how many hoses connects into it...? cause my jetta has 2 extra hoses that pums air into, is there any connection for those hoses...?"