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10 Reviews for (KYB AGX Adjustable FrontShocks)

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10)
KYB AGX Adjustable Front Shocks

KYB  KYB AGX Adjustable Front Shocks  

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10) - 10 Reviews  Write Review

9Chris84318Eclipse"These struts worked beautifully. Nice balance between track settings (3,4) and street (1,2) This purchace was a direct replacement for the exact same set that performed very well for about 6 years. When they do fail there is absolutely no doubt, and there is not a long slow decline. Meaning great performance for 98 percent of their usable life. The only reason I give them a nine is because they don't come with new bump stops, and I have real trouble calling anything perfect, mostly the latter."
7Peter43207MR2"had a little trouble fitting with tanabe springs but used the stock spacer for the struts to make it work. a little stuff (prefer the tokicos) but on a budget its a nice choice"
10JOSE200SX"i installed these kyb's on my nissan 200sx se(97), both front and rear sets. i rate these 10 due to perfect fit and settings. at front setting 3 at rear setting 5 rides smooth. setting four at front and setting 8 at rear rides corner very tight. its been on about a year now and they still perform very good. #1 for me!."
10Kevin23127MR2"Installation was very simple and straight-forward. Product works just as advertised. Considerable difference when adjusted. Fantastic product...would recommend."
10Brenda19540Civic"Have been running these about 3 months now, currently set at 3 front & back. Love the ride,a bit bouncier than stock but not as harsh as the coilovers I had previously. Matched with Eibach Sportlines my ride looks great and handles like a true sportscar.!"
10Christopher82319Eclipse"awesome sinply awesome"
4Eric87400Prelude"The adjustability is great and it was an easy install, but on both the front struts the piston rods seem to be too long. The car bottoms out (only in the front, the rear is good) even with the springs installed correctly and the bumper stops in, and they don't adjust as far down as the stock struts. I would actually like to find a more suitable strut for the front, maybe from another model vehicle."