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MIZU  MIZU Aluminum Radiator Fan Shrouds  

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8mrsanchez87tC"fitment wasnt good had to modify slightly."
5Alan98410EVO"The Product is High quality no doubt. Even though on a stock radiator for the EVO 9 RS it will not work do to clearance issues of the stock turbo. I really wish this product would have fit and it will if your willing to bang it up a little with the engine movement. Now I did test the product with some modification to see if it truely will work. The fans run less then half the time the stock fans run. The Product will save weight over the stock fans. So over all the product is a great product if your willing to change a few thing in your engine bay. Other then that I do have to say for the tuner and racers out there this is not a great product for the EVO9 mods due to most of us are running either a bigger turbo or other things that take up the room for this to be a long term install. Now I would suggest the CBRD Racing Radiator for Evo 8/9 (w/ Slim Fan) which is $585.00 from Bushurracing.com if you want an upgrade that fits and lightweight over stock. I hope I helped everyone with the EVO crew."
9Josh55804240SX"Great product. keeps the sr20 very cool, even in the worst heat and traffic."