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13 Reviews for (MSD Super ConductorSpark Plug Wires)

Overall Rating (8.5 of 10)
MSD Super Conductor Spark Plug Wires

MSD  MSD Super Conductor Spark Plug Wires  

Overall Rating (8.5 of 10) - 13 Reviews  Write Review

5supraheelfan910"Only received the wire and not the connector. It was the first time i ordered plug wires for my car, but I quickly learned to just go with the exact fit set instead of building custom ones; which is what these are (even though it's not advertised that way)."
8Dave76173000GT"These are the best functioning wires I've ever used, but the fitment always bugs me; on the plug end the wires have a GM boot instead of the Mitsubishi boot so fitment never looks stock, and the wires are made slightly longer than stock so there's extra wire you need to jumble together or route them differently. Because the function of MSD wires is so good, what I started doing is buying the MSD wire spools and boots and making my own plug wires; then the fitment is perfect. Still, this is the best choice for someone unwilling to go that route."
10Dean34570Integra"thanks for the parts. fast shipping exactly what i ordered. thanks"
10Bryan37259Prelude"Very easy to install. Smoother engine running. Great quality."
10Dennis30699Civic"fit as expected with no issues and compliments other MSD components well."
9Victor25853Civic"is good i note better response but now a sound enter in mi sound system i need buy a silencer"
9Ian18020Supra"Good Quality. I used MSD's budget Crimp tool to custom fit them to my application."
8Bobby123873000GT"The fit was exact and they work great. The only problem is that they are frequently on National Back Order and it took several months to arive."
8Aaron10509Supra"I had these installed on my 88 supra as part of an engine swap. they seem to be working well. it is hard to compare the performance of the old engine to the new engine."
6Adibp6544Diamante"Some of the wires were too long and bending them over to try to fit properly damaged them in the long run, had to replace them."
7Chris1247Integra"wires kept popping off of the suction part on the valve cover. not really a big deal but stopped after a while. ather than that, i have no complaints"
10Roman5237Supra"Awesome shipping , super fast ! Great product , love MSD clips , holds very good on the plugs and no missing fire like it used to happen with my old fires thank you horsepowerfreaks , A++"