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41 Reviews for (Magnecor KV85 8.5mmSpark Plug Wires)

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10)
Magnecor KV85 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires

Magnecor  Magnecor KV85 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires  

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10) - 41 Reviews  Write Review

10will106503Integra"great wires no problems"
9Alex95507Civic Del Sol"haven't installed them yet. doing a engine bulid but shipping was fast and the wires look awesome!"
10choong16794Supra"It was easy to install and works great. my engine idel smoother runs smoother."
8Steve79305Camaro"I've used Magnecor wires on other cars and they perform just fine. No noticeable performance increase but they're durable and last forever. On this car I changed the distributor and spark plugs(NGK Iridium 9) as well and it definitely runs much better and has more power but hard to say how much of it is from the wires. The old wires were definitely in need of replacement. Haven't driven the car much since putting them on(it's an open track car) but so far so good."
10Sidney57132SRT4"great set of ignition wire that will last long. Been using this type of ignition wire since 1996 and will pays for itself in the long run.. Great Help from Horsepowerfreak and friendly atmosphere to shop.."
10damon77871Corolla"This is the best set of wires I have ever purchased. The guys at HPF worked with me when I couldn't find what I wanted and turned me on to Magnecor, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thanks HPF"
10Charlie77770325i"Works great, noticed small power gain, but truly helped in cold starts the most."
9Tu71321Camry"Magnecor makes excellent ignition wires. I am really happy with their quality. I'm sure they will last the lifetime of my car. However, I don't know why Magnecor made the wires so long compared to OEM Toyota wires. I had to change the orientation of the wires so there's not too much slack that it will make the engine bay look messy. In terms of performance, I can't really noticed any big difference because I put in Denso iridium spark plugs and a TRD supercharger at the same time so it's difficult to distinguish the power gain of the ignition wires alone. Overall, I am happy with my wires."
10Timothy60445Integra"The Magnecore wires were the exact fit for my car. The wires were installed in tandem with new spark plugs. The combination of these two items resulted in a measurable increase in fuel economy. Specifically, a 1995 Acura Integra GSR AVERAGING 28 mph around town. Fantastic!!!"
9Martin59450Explorer"Easy to install because of the flexibility of these wires. Far superior to the Jacobs's Electronics wires they replaced. These wires cobined with the Autolite iridium spark plugs that I installed has given me a noticeable horsepower gain and 2-3 better mpg. The quality is very good. 1996 Ford Explorer 4.0 litre 80,000 miles."
10JaimeDaniel50259Avenger"This product was intsalled in like 15 minutes along with Champion Platinum Spark Plugs. Great product; it cleared my misfire. THX HPF"
10Jacobo52287NX2000"Great product , very easy to install, my car have now a better performance, thanks..."
10JaimeDaniel50259Protege"I havent installed it yet on my MX-3, but I did buy and install it on my Avenger (awhile back) and it help its idling and elimanated the misfire. So I know it will be a great product on my MX-3. A+ product"
9Travis49119M3"Everything was just as expected. The wires have worked perfectly thus far (been on the car for about 4 months as of this review). Build quality is excellent - second to none. If you want the best, look no further!"
10Joshua28005240SX"The best set of spark plug cables I could find for the ka24e. Combined with a crane cams Hi-6 ignition and coil made a very noticeable differnce, it puls hard all the way to redline."
10AndyMirage"Does what its suppose to. It enhances the spark, so if you have miss fire due to bad plugs, these wires will tell you in a quickness."
10Nelson42672240SX"These wires are better than any other wires I've used! They fit great, idle is ALOT smoother, and my ride feels a little stronger to boot."
9Stephen2005Probe"I performed better than I expected it would. It doesn't effect the gas mileage."
9HansRX-7"Absolutly amazing!! I got the wires before i was notified that they were shiped. These KV85 wires were exactly what i expected and were very easy to install, so easy in fact a caveman could do it! throttle response is better and they look good too! thanks HPF!"
10Jorge39442Camry"Great product, easy to install, direct fit. Car feels more responsive and definitely looks much better. Thanks for an awesome service."
9Abdulla635CSi"BMW 635M"
8John33116SC300"the magnacore plug wires have a larger od than stock therefore the wire looms had to be changed. Performance is up, a snappy responce and 1.5 mi. a gallon better in city.1996 Lexas SC300."
10Marshall30267Camaro"Exceptional product"
9Cody30622Civic"magnecor wires are always my personal favorite for any car. i will gladly spend the extra buck to get the best."
9Jason31437RX-7"I notice some ignition difference and smoother acceleration from just upgrade simple spark plug and cables. I would highly recommend for performance uses. Installtion was easy except when plugging it into the igniter coils."
10Gregory44153Solara"Keep up the good work guys. I like doing business with you. Greg A"
9Nathan11070Eclipse"This product is perfect for my car, it allows great flow of power and works very well with the NGK Iridium Spark Plugs, This spark plug set is by far better then i imagined would be, I noticed a better repsonse to the engine and even an increase in gas mileage, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!"
8Andrew6419Eclipse"I upgraded from stock plug wires to these magnacors. So far i have been very pleased with them. The only thing that i didn't like was the steep price. I guess that's the price you pay with a turbo. After instalation of the wires, the car seemed to idle more smoothly. I havn't had a chance to run at the track yet, but i'm sure my et's have dropped a bit."
10Vitali9526Supra"This kit is for Supra with distributor. The car we're working on does not have a distributor. Did not know that by the time of the order. We'll have find a Lexus to try it on. Our fault. Thank you,"
10Clark9709MR2"It was a replacement product for the factory which provided the intent that it was designed to do."
10BoostedSupraSupra"I use to have misfiring issue's and wouldn't get a TACH signal when dyno tuning on a wide band with the stock 7MGTE wires. It was when I purchased Magnacore my problems were sloved. It's direct fit and looks great too. I highly recommend this to anyone who drive's a MK3/7MGTE"
9David7508Prelude"Wires fit pretty close to stock. They worked perfectly. I would recommend them to anyone who would ask."
8David5592Camry"The part that I bought was perfectly working condition. I installed it on my 1997 V6 Camry with my new set of DENSO Iridium spark plugs and I did notice a difference in the long run. The installation was easy not to hard. The quality of the product though eis excellent except for one part where the ends of the spark plugs where my coil packs connect too. I think they should be more of a clip on rather that a rubber boot design, this was the only dificulty I had when installing these wire sets."
10Leonardo2295Eclipse"i loved the product, price, and service from you guys. thanks. leonardo"
10Ron4536Integra"the price was a little high but the service was good and the product works well thank's"
10Thomas3458Sentra"good looking, custom fit like a glove. Performance is good and so far no ignition miss due to late spark at cyl. at 7000 rpm."
5Keith86Supra"Installation was simple for these wires. I didn't notice any improvement specifically... but they are nice wires."