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12 Reviews for (Megan Racing Drift Spec Cat BackExhaust Systems)

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10)
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Megan Racing  Megan Racing Drift Spec Cat Back Exhaust Systems  

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10) - 12 Reviews  Write Review

8Oscar131688350Z"Great product Installed this along with a Takeda SRI on my 350Z and immediately noticed a quicker throttle response. This exhaust has a good sound to it and does not have any drone issues at cruising speeds. Sounds even better when you floor it"
10KaostC2010tC"Best product ive ordered online many compliments of both the sound and the angled look on my car. Thanks HPF most def will be coming back for more"
10Chris93146RSX"Great product! I have a 2006 Acura rsx base. We only needed to mod a small part to get it to fit. It's a little loud in low to mid range but when opened up has a great sound"
9Jesse81311Civic"Product is exactly what I expected. It sounds good, feels good and looks good. Took awhile to finally put on my car after I recieved it but once I got the chance to put it on my car it didn't take long at all. Parts installs quick and easy. Thanks horsepowerfreaks."
10Kyle44151Cobalt"Very good product for the price. Great sound, easy installation. Overall very good product"
8Travis85200tC"This was an Ease to install and wow what a noice =D this thing is LOUD. has a very nice and deep tone. You feel the extra horses push you into the seat. only thing i had an issue with was adjusting the muffler so it doesn't melt off your bumper, its a very easy fix thou. also it makes an extemely annoying rattling sound at times, still havent found a solution to this problem. other than that its an amazing exhaust system. Coming on two months now and still runs like a champ. I recommend it to anyone who likes to hear those horses!!!"
9Jonathan63836Cobalt"The exhaust works very well. I did not see really any differene until installation of CAI. The only thing that i would have liked to see different with the exhaust kit are maybe some different bolts that dont rust besides the GRADE 8"
10Jared58135Civic"great sound, great quality, great fitment, great performance, great value!! anyone who is wanting a nice catback but doesnt want to pay 600 dollars for it, this would be first on my list!"
9Wesley57863Civic"Mechanic removed old factory muffler & installed Megan in less than 1 hour. changed sound/performance immensely for the better. great entry level unit excatly what I was looking for, thanks to the salesperson help in matching up the best fit for my 97 Civic EX. It was a good ride before now its borderline sweet....."
9jhontC"Installed at a local muffler shop only the hangers had to be adjusted. Sounds awesome, At idle (500 RPM's) it sounds low and deep, but not a quiet low and deep, it is noticeable from a distance(30-40 ft). When you open the throttle it gets louder, alot louder. You will definitely turn heads. Sounds awesome at all RPM's, never annoying loud, more like a quality loud ,(even though it's pretty dam loud) when you let off the gas and start to slow down it sounds like a loud rumble. I Love it!"
8Goldoni16079Civic"Good product. Good quality. Modifications had to be made for aftermarket rear sway bar. Not sway bar friendly at all. Fairly loud without silencer. Nice different tone with silencer."