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7 Reviews for (Megan Racing UniversalMufflers)

Overall Rating (9 of 10)
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Megan Racing  Megan Racing Universal Mufflers  

Overall Rating (9 of 10) - 7 Reviews  Write Review

8adrian110074"Took me sometime to find a badass welder but other than thaet it sounds deep & clean!"
9Alvin105055"This product performed just perfect.It was the sound and deep tone i was looking for.The quality is amazing!"
10Gabriel74938"This was a great product good sound and performance. for the price it cannot be beat and the silencer works great it definately quieted it down but personally I do not use it."
9Terrance52425"This part fits excellent on my vehicle, and is made with superior quality and craftsmanship. Easy installation, as well. And it sounds great!"
9mike"this muffler sounds nice and deep in tone with no hint of raspyness. i just installed it today and havent really had time to judge the longevity of this muffler. but for now im pleased with it"
9Eric47205"The muffler makes a beautiful low rumble running on 3in custom S.S. turbo back exhaust on my 92 Eclipse. Obviously the muffler will produce different sounds based on your overall setup, but with my exhaust and this muffler I set off car alarms on a regular basis! Solid construction, an effective silencer and a cheap price (compared to other manufactures N1 style products)make this a great buy. I definitley noticed a HP gain, but the muffler was installed along with my exhaust piping so hard to tell how much the power increased."