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20 Reviews for (Megan Racing Street SeriesCoilovers)

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10)
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Megan Racing  Megan Racing Street Series Coilovers  

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10) - 20 Reviews  Write Review

2Zulfikar121770G35"The only reason I gave it a 2 is because of shipping other than that it was really stressful I first installed the rears since that was goin to be the more time crucial one that was fine no problem there and then proceeded to the fronts I disassembled the whole front and took out the strut to put in the new ones and came to find out that I was sent the wrong part.when I called HPF and they looked into my order the guy was saying that it was basically my fault that I had ordered the wrong part for a different car but on this review Im filling out it clearly states that its for a g35 03-08. And further more I used the HPF website option of inputing the type of car.I have a 2008 AWD G35,but the part i got wasint even compatible for my model car so I was left to send back the whole front strut. I have to pay for shipping to send it back to the manufacture. Its been a real hassle I hope no one has to deal with this..."
10adrian116528Integra"BEST DAMPER KIT EVER! installed it on my tegi and loved it worth the price."
10adrian116528Integra"BEST DAMPER KIT EVER! installed it on my tegi and loved it worth the price."
10Jimmyt303Civic"My car is low as sh*t! its f*cken awesome. i wish i had a camber kit to lower my car to the ground. part were easy to install and damper kit is easy and simple to use. has a good ride and the performance on it match the price. definitly worth the money."
10Jordan117707Forester"I purchased a set for a 04 Subaru Forester for installation on an Impreza Outback Sport. They came pre-setup for a Forester, and installation was simple. I currently have a 2" lift, and have noticed a dramatic improvement in handling over stock. I highly recommend these coil-overs. Perfect fit."
8Karl116038300C"good set of coil overs i had them sent to Australia no problems installed easily great product for the price"
10jorge107766M3"it worked fine but after buying saw the same coilovers on ebay cheaper :("
9Aaron104710G35"Coilovers are great. I have them installed on a g35. Car handles way better and just gives the car a much sportier feel."
10Jason210Eclipse"These coil overs are Forsure the best coil overs I have ever owned and thendrive is like a rally car. The coil overs increase handling tremendously and are realitively easy to install. I would recommend these coil overs to any sports car owner."
9Max97931IS300"Fantastic product. Everything is exactly how I hoped. Would be nice if it had a pillow ball mount though for camber, but i worked around that. Other wise, good stuff!"
10Ted29027Lancer"They work great give your ride a sweet look easy to install and adjust. Seems like the lower center of gravity cuts the wind better for more speed and they look great .thank you for great products and super service"
7WelDun1Impreza"Easy instalation. Did it myself. Hardest part was getting the weight distribution correct and height even, but other than that it only took about 2hrs to install and the rest of the day for adjustments.My GC8 handles so much better now. The camber and damper adjustments are "easy peezy lemon squeezy"!!! For the price these coilovers are one of the best!"
10Christopher83983GS300"these parts helped my car drive better than stock!"
9Mark21896WRX"For the price I paid you can't beat the quality. These are worth twice money. Ride quality is fantastic for the spring rates. Did have slight rubbing in the rear but fixable with small spacer. Megan said they test fit with aftermarket whees. A good alignment should help. "
9Christopher59018Supra"This item is awesome!!! Great price and performed as expected. Easy was to install (with proper tools) and the item is fully adjustable as described. I'd recommend these to anyone looking to replace the stock setup and for those looking to increase handling on the street, strip and track."
10Brandon76244Sentra"Coilovers went on with ease. Used all the standard mounting points. Hardest part was getting te factory bolts loose. Easy adjustability. My specv sits nice and low and with the levels of adjustment rides great."
10slowwrx02M3"megan racin coils work great"
10EDMUND46267Eclipse"excellent! i received the parts on time."
10DesiAccord"Lighter than my eibach spring and stock shock absorber combination. Good side first, very aggresive spring rate. Awesome in the canyons so I say it is very good for grip driving. It took me awhile to adjust the set-up of the rebound (before it was very bouncy in all kinds of ways and it got very annoying). After getting the rebound set-up right, I say the price is morth every penny of it. Rumor say it is the cheap version of APEXI. The same company who made apexi made this too with a little cheaper seal or somethin'. But this product is very good (performance wise) affordable, as well as looks. Bad side is, I'm not sure on the longevity of this product though since it is cheaper than its performance, I hope it'll last."