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23 Reviews for (Megan Racing LoweringSprings)

Overall Rating (8.7 of 10)
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Megan Racing  Megan Racing Lowering Springs  

Overall Rating (8.7 of 10) - 23 Reviews  Write Review

8Kevin99436CRX"These Megan springs came in looking real nice. They gave my crx a real aggressive stance. Great "bang for my buck" and easy to install. "
9Pao76774Corolla"Bought it for my 2005 Toyota Corolla XRS, nice springs for the my car to the perfect ride height."
10Alden105174200SX"The springs exceeded my expectations and took only about 1.5-2 hours for complete installation, including taking the old springs off. The springs also lowered the vehicle almost exactly to the advertised lengths. I have also noticed much better corning and much less lean in the corners. Great product!"
7kipin66Maxima"Placed my order @ 3am CST called em up round 7 CST and were being shipped. Lower my car about half an inch and that's it. Suspension is stiffer but hardly lowered 98 Nissn Maxima"
10Sang88915IS250"Hj i bought this spring and i didnt install yet..... So the low spring put in front and the high spring in the rear right?"
8robert88000Maxima"these springs are awesome for the price. i maintained great ride quality, not too bumpy. i wish i went lower though! these springs are very good i recommend them"
9Aldo87415Celica"Easy installation, rides comfterable. Handles grate. And it looks sweet."
10coreybear08Integra"I installed these on my DA integra with no issues at really firmed my ride up and for the price of these springs you cant go wrong!! they put my old tein springs to shame!!"
4andrew82390Maxima"The megans springs only lowered my car an half inch...I wasn't satisfied with the springs"
8kenneth80544Sentra"It was very simple to install ... Now my car has a more aggressive look."
9Zackery80162GTI"great parts, i love them"
9JakaldogIntegra"These springs prove to be a superior product for their price. A perfect product for any non-serious racers that like to have fun but need a little give on those bumpy roads. The only downside I can see these is the ride hight when driving over sharp speed bumps, one has to take them sideways. This is true for any lowering springs and new buyers have to consider that such an installation will limit the amount of terrain capabilities that they can drive on."
10Bob72746Corolla"Part is installed and working as expected. No problems were encountered either installing or using this part. My thanks to the entire team for their help. thanks"
8Josue69971MX-6"They work. They are stiff but not too stiff "
9Steve66598Eclipse"Great control, nice price!"
9Paul65337IS300"nice drop, made my car look sweet"
10aaron61454Mirage"they fit like a glove !!!my car now handles better and takes turns on a dime with its lowered point of gravity and looks terrific without having those huge gaps between tires and fenders !!!!"
10royce76704240SX"fast shipping, great product for the price! thanks!"
8AliciaK57298TSX"I like the Megan Springs alot. For the fact that it gives me a 2 inch drop and I am still able to drive anywhere I want to no matter what the surface, its great. I have not changed my shocks as yet but I honestly dont feel much need to. The only slight drawback is that the back is definetley higher than the front, although the car is much lower all around. Maybe its made that way to try and keep stock ride quality. I have to give HPfreaks big props for quick delivery"
8Routh55148Civic"it was pretty easy to install, attracked lots of attention more attention than I expected, but had the popping noise wish they had sent me a rubber pieace that goes on top of the springs to help keep it from making all those popping noise"