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25 Reviews for (Mishimoto AluminumRadiators)

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10)
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Mishimoto  Mishimoto Aluminum Radiators  

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10) - 25 Reviews  Write Review

8mark121302WRX"Radiator works. Had a few issues. The drain plug seal and the radiator cap. The drain plug seal provided was dry and cracked. The radiator cap provided leaks so I had to resort to using the stock cap."
10RickyLee24190"I rate this radiator a 10 Worth its money. Car stays so much cooler, did away with our running hot issue. Where the stock dual core radiator would get up to 250 degrees; with running dual fans this radiator will barely reach 160 degrees in a 25 lap race running in second gear on a half mile track Thanks"
10junmizuhoWRX"Just opening the box to see the ratiator kit was already enough to prove that this is a quality product and will last me through years of use. After installing it there is a significant amount of improvements to the car. It child's way faster and always keeps the car on a constant cool temp even when the engine is pushed hard. With the heat in my country, this radiator just keeps everything running cool."
8Alex90032G35"Highly recommend product. It looks great installed. I had some slight fitment issues that resulted in trimming some of the shrouding and issue with the oil cooler fittings, which were resolved by Mishimoto. I can't brag enough about Mishimoto's technical support, absolutely wonderful!"
10Travis118922Skyline"Direct replacement, my skyline ran a lot cooler"
9Christopher110214Supra"Part fit exactly as expected, 9/10 because the upper pipe had a hole in the weld. Easily fixed, other than that the part was flawless."
8Chris48316STi"Very easy to install and the product so far has performed as it should. I did see a gain in horsepower for about a month. but I think I just got use to it because it felt like the horsepower normalized."
10Joseph59126240SX"I purchased this product for a car that I was selling in Hawaii, however, I was not involved in the installation of the product due to being in Washington. I received no negative comments about it from my friend who I shipped it to and installed it in my car."
9lucas104748MR2"This is a much better unit than stock very thick and well constructed and as stated youwill have fitment issues but easily addressed. Tidy package with the fan shroud."
10Jason210Eclipse"This radiator sat perfect in the factory mounts and works flawless. It is an eye poppin add on to your vechicle besides keeping your car cooler. Mishimoto does amazing work in engineering these amazing products. This was an easy install removed the mounts on top, discosnnected the hoses pulled the old out and put the new in. Easy as that."
8Bill103032Supra"Easy install everything bolted up flawlessly. The only thing bad to say was the necks are just a little to small."
8JOEL98720Prelude"Product works well engine stays much cooler install only took about 10-15mins"
9preludeitrPrelude"Performs great especially during hot weather improved Hp and overall performance quality is amazing. I would rate it a 10 but.. it wasn't a direct fit radiator fan bottom bolt didn't not fit needs to be shaved down do not cut it or leave it without the bolt. would be easyer if there is no a/c lines! Easyer with another person helping!"
10neal90992Prelude"looks awesome"
10michael89315325i"My Mishimoto radiator was a direct drop in and I had no problems. Is thicker than stock and cools a lot better. The true test will come this summer when it gets warmer out! But I bet it will hold up to the name :)"
10Christopher87548Eclipse"This part fits perfectly and is of an extremely high quality level, looks great and should last for a very long time. It also comes with the best warrenty that I've ever seen. Thanks."
10gary77290Civic Del Sol"very nice!!"
10MCEclipse"Outstanding Quality and Design! looks outstanding! Every Eclipse Driver should buy one Shipping to Germany absolutely without Problems!!!! THANKS!!!"
10Josh55804240SX"Looks great, functions flawlessly. A++"
10Moises92842240SX"excellent product , perfect fit and cools beyond expectation"
8Kyle35748Integra"The radiator performs outstandingly well. It was a little difficult to install, because it is larger than the stock radiator, I suggest getting new brackets, or some zip ties to preplace the old ones."
8Mark44665Civic"The Mishimoto Rad looks great. I purchased the 1/2 size or OEM width for my 1.5L and is truely thicker than stock. It works quite well with the thinner FlexLite Fan setup. I'm struggling with the cooling efficiency improvement it better...or worse? The cooling fan comes on more frequently then with the stock setup, though it hasn't over heated. I'm getting ready to rebuild the motor and ADD another 40-50hp, so i'm worried i made the wrong choice. But it does look good!!!"
9Jeffrey35727Civic"Good quality product, not sure about factory fitment due to using in a custom application, great cooling capabilities."