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2 Reviews for (NRG Innovations FlatStrut Tower Bars)

Overall Rating (8 of 10)
NRG Innovations Flat Strut Tower Bars

NRG Innovations  NRG Innovations Flat Strut Tower Bars  

Overall Rating (8 of 10) - 2 Reviews  Write Review

10Jose99335Accord"The strut bar is good i get alot of commets about it and it matches the color of my car so i love it more and more, I've been telling friends about this web site."
6James67044Civic"The front one was very off and the rear bar was too long. That being said, the front was fixed by using a little muscle and just pulling it into place and the rear fit but just not on the right hole. Both are on and look great; however, it would have been nice to just drop it in and go from there. As for functionality, I haven't driven my car yet, it's in pieces but since I could tell a difference with my last strut bar (that was a fake/knock off) I am sure these will be great as well. Also, NRG is completely horrible at customer service and I would recommend talking to HPF before you try NRG. NRG seems to be automated and they don't pay to much attention to the customer but HPF seems at least like they care a little more. All in all like most car parts you get what you pay for and seeing as how these are/were $55 a pop and most are upwards for three times that each, you aren't getting a horrible deal but if you are doing autocross you might want something better and to order sway bars as well."