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3 Reviews for (Neuspeed P-FloAir Intakes)

Overall Rating (8 of 10)
Neuspeed P-Flo Air Intakes

Neuspeed  Neuspeed P-Flo Air Intakes  

Overall Rating (8 of 10) - 3 Reviews  Write Review

9Heidi42570Beetle"Adds a nice tone to the engine, increased gas milage, and was simple to install."
10Hassan39372Beetle"instantly notice the difference"
5TrinityJetta"do you have any picture? not just this brand, but also from INJEN intake system.... what it would look like after installing the item? cause in my 97 jetta III, it has 2 extra hoses that pumps air into... will their be a connection for those hoses, so that it wont be open....? Thank you very much....."