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12 Reviews for (Neuspeed Front UpperStrut Tower Bars)

Overall Rating (9.6 of 10)
Neuspeed Front Upper Strut Tower Bars

Neuspeed  Neuspeed Front Upper Strut Tower Bars  

Overall Rating (9.6 of 10) - 12 Reviews  Write Review

10Derek87491Civic"Great fit, what a relief to find a bar that fit around my K&N Typhoon intake...thank you HPF 01 Civic EX"
10Joe79254Civic"2004 Civic EX Auto. Never had another type so best grade possible. Beautiful piece. Flattened the ride down immeasurably. Lane changes take a little flick of the wrist. Very easy to put on."
10Danny56575Prelude"Had to really work to make this fit meaning it really tightened everything up. Definitely noticed a difference"
10Hassan39372Beetle"easy upgrade and noticeable difference"
8Jonathan41759Prelude"i had a little trouble getting it on.but the good news is that it was a really tight fit.something you need for this type of was also reasonably prices.great job from you guys"
10eli39371CR-V"a great and cheap handling mod for the gen 1 honda crv! realy added some notcable grip to my frond end , realy helps the koni\eibach set perform well! "
9Christopher19685Accord"other than a very difficult time getting the part on....i mean common 15 years will bend some metal on the car especially with my driving habits, the strut bar is amazing, solid and the difference is perfect. a must buy!"
10NickAccord"I've been driving with my Neuspeed strut tower bar installed for just over a week now. Instructions were very clear; with some help from my little brother to hold the power steering hose out of the way this part was easy to install and took only a few minutes. I noticed an improvement in handling even before I exited my driveway for a test drive. The improvement was far beyond my expectations at high speeds on the windy mountain roads in my area. (Bear Creek Road, CA-236, CA-9, and CA-35 in the Santa Cruz Mountains.) My car now stays flat through all the turns that formerly caused an uncomfortable amount of body roll, and the lessened body roll is maintained while at a higher speed than I would have gone through the same turns prior to installation. A very pleasant surprise result of this installing this part was that the right-side wheelspin on hard accelerations was eliminated. This strut tower bar gave me spectacular results at a low price. I strongly recommend this product to anyone seeking to improve the handling of their vehicle."
8Anthony26229Prelude"item is good, had to pull alittle to make it fit into possition and banner is backwards but works well"
10Walt9596Civic Del Sol"Easy to install, dramatic improvement in chassis stiffness and handling"
10Martin7367Integra"easy install. noticeable difference right away after the 1st drive. improved steering response."