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3 Reviews for (Nology Blue HotwiresSpark Plug Wires)

Overall Rating (9.7 of 10)
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Nology  Nology Blue Hotwires Spark Plug Wires  

Overall Rating (9.7 of 10) - 3 Reviews  Write Review

10Michael39332Supra"I would like to say that these Spark Plug Wires are the best. They looking nice and powerful. My supra machine runs much better as before. The product holds which it promises! In the higher revolutions more power, better respond of the engine, and very, very goodstarting characteristics. Particulary in the winter, as well as on cool and moisen days! Key once turn and already run the engine!"
10Jamie79403Impreza"These wires were a great investment. I bought them together with some iridium plugs. They installed very easy and were numbered for which cylinder they went to. They were the perfect length also. The blue matched the theme in the engine bay and they added performance to the car as well. It revved smoother in the top end and acceleration was a bit quicker. All in all I will be buying these for my new car in the near future."