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6 Reviews for (Nology Red HotwiresSpark Plug Wires)

Overall Rating (8.8 of 10)
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Nology  Nology Red Hotwires Spark Plug Wires  

Overall Rating (8.8 of 10) - 6 Reviews  Write Review

10Lyndon46019Passat"I had prior experience with Nology Plug Wires. I installed them and they work perfect. To anyone that use Nology wires, you will notice enormous power gains at the top. I would recommend to anyone person interested in upgrading the performance of their vehicle."
8Jim103857Prelude"Definitely saw a power increase. Throttle response is smoother and sharper. Jus waitin to get it dyno tuned so i can see what type of real horsepower im making now. Thnxx horsepowerfreaks. :)"
10Michael39332RAV4"The product holds which it promises! In the higher revolutions more power, better respond of the engine and very, very good starting particulary in the winter time and as well as and on cool and moisen days!Key once turn and already run the engine! Not until today good happened to us! My mothers battery was completely empty. Starting stream attached only depressed the key turned and brumm!"
5Josh37801MR2"I product came as usuall very quickly. However when I bought my car I did not realize that the person who had owned it before me had a 93 distributor cap and not a 91 like the year of the car. I called Horse Power Freaks and asked if I could return the wires and swap them out for an even exchange I was told that I could not becuse I have had the wires to long. I have spent a lot of money with Horse Power Freaks and have never asked for any favors of them until know and my request was denied. I will no longer do buisness with Horse Power Freaks and I will tell everyone I know not to as well."
10ana61898Eclipse"The wires were great and I notice a chainge in performance when I run the car. The same result has been ince I bought then"
10Saly47748Impreza"Nology wires are amoung the best on the market. Upon installation, I immediately noticed a smoother idle from the engine. Don't forget to buy spark plugs, grounding kit, and coil packs to match these powerful wires' performance."