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3 Reviews for (Pacesetter MonzaCatalytic Converters)

Overall Rating (7 of 10)
Pacesetter Monza Catalytic Converters

Pacesetter  Pacesetter Monza Catalytic Converters  

Overall Rating (7 of 10) - 3 Reviews  Write Review

1JAMES2042"Purchased a set of pacesetter replacement manifolds less than a year ago for my 2005 titan. Both sides cracked. Build date on them driver (08-12) passenger (06-12).Contacted pacesetter and they asked for photos. I sent about 12 photos and they want my receipt that I cannot find. I had to replace both sides out of pocket. This is no easy job to last under a year. GOOD LUCK to anyone thinking about spending 600.00 on these plus labor."
10Rolando111369Integra"Perfect fit no mods required. No noticible gains."