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12 Reviews for (Pacesetter Monza PerformanceExhaust Systems)

Overall Rating (7.3 of 10)
Pacesetter Monza Performance Exhaust Systems

Pacesetter  Pacesetter Monza Performance Exhaust Systems  

Overall Rating (7.3 of 10) - 12 Reviews  Write Review

5tyler116096Civic Del Sol"had to grind the to get the pipes to fit into each other. otherwise a good product."
6Mark84894GTI"its a good exhuast cheap and quiet the only thing that i didnt like was the fact that it took them 3 months to get it to me"
5Erick70404Sunfire"The price is pretty hard to beat. Unfortunately the sound is very tinny and whiny. Actually, it is almost embarrassing to drive around now! I did notice performance improvement but at the cost of dignity. Otherwise at this price, I would have bought an exhaust for my miata as well"
10SimonMX-3"perfect fit, incredible sound, to fit with stock catalitic converter, and no additional hardware required"
10Anthony36536Probe"great product"
10Carrolla26178Escort"the car runs smoother and an increase in hp it's great.the part was a perfect fit no problem's."
8Dustin240SX"I ordered this part with mixed feelings because of the low price and the fact I'd never heard of Monza (besides the race track) before. I wanted to get an ApexI exhaust but it was out of my price range. I settled for the Monza Pacesetter and am entirely satisfied with my purchase. The install was easy- it came with all the necessary mounting hardware (which was good because my exhaust system had fallen flat off some months ago). It fits with the stock catalytic converter, so if you want to remove the cat you'll need to replace it with some straight pipe or something. The sound is good in the lower RPMs. Above 4 grand, it tends to thin out a little, and develops a bit of an airy, "Thp" sound. I've been told that upgrading the intake to allow better all-round breathing will make the sound a little fuller in high RPMs. Alltogether this is a worthwhile buy for someone on a budget. It doesn't have the prestige of a Blitz or Apex-I exhaust, but it gets the job done and does it well."
9Juvad41741Sunfire"it was what i expected"
1MichaelFocus"Had to replace gas tank due to bad fitment being to close to plastic gas tank...ended up melting a hole in the side of it. Consider myself lucky it didn't explode."
10Tommy7390Celica"The only thing that could have made it better was for it to be free, but otherwise lifes good"