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5 Reviews for (Pacesetter ARMOR coatHeaders)

Overall Rating (8.8 of 10)
Pacesetter ARMOR coat Headers

Pacesetter  Pacesetter ARMOR coat Headers  

Overall Rating (8.8 of 10) - 5 Reviews  Write Review

10Diego58951240SX"it was perfect came with everything i needed and all the directions needed to install highly satisfied with pacesetter i recommend to everyone i know great product all the way around"
6Scott52843Camaro"The passenger-side EGR connection was not installed correctly. The EGR connection aligned exactly with the transmission dipstick tube, which had to be moved."
8Lee35227Escort"Great part - good fit - a bit of effort to fit to flange - excellent balance of torque and hosepower - good finish"
10Carrolla26178Escort"header fit perfectly no modifition needed"
10Benjamin20742Camaro"This was by no way an easy install. Due to the extreme risk of breaking a bolt off in the block I would say don't take on this install unless you really know what you are doing. That disclaimer noted these are by far the most superior mod I have done on my car, they don't leak, they are robust, and an excellent product. As far as HP gains I would say they help but I have yet to get my car on the dyno after the install and I detest people who make claims based on FEEL. **HP FREAKS** The picture on this review is not accurate."