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6 Reviews for (Pauter Forged 4340 Chrome-Moly SteelConnecting Rods)

Overall Rating (9.8 of 10)
Pauter Forged 4340 Chrome-Moly Steel Connecting Rods

Pauter Forged 4340 Chrome-Moly Steel Connecting Rods  

Overall Rating (9.8 of 10) - 6 Reviews  Write Review

10Dave7617Montero"These connecting rods are awesome; they're taking my 621 AWHP with no issues."
10Sfat40200Prelude"i used it as a stroker component for an f20c. it had to be adjusted exactly like in the drawing provided. the only rod that can handle that type of machining."
10Arshia33583Golf"500HP on wheels no problem"
10Ian18020Supra"Beautiful rods very well made and consistant in tolerances! On small bore long stroke engines you nat need to notch the base of the bores for clearence as the beams are wider than stock!"
9Khalid11941Celica"More than i was expecting! The car runs very great."