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14 Reviews for (Porterfield Rear - R4S High Performance StreetBrake Pads)

Overall Rating (8.9 of 10)
Porterfield Rear - R4S High Performance Street Brake Pads

Porterfield Rear - R4S High Performance Street Brake Pads  

Overall Rating (8.9 of 10) - 14 Reviews  Write Review

9DEREK91771Corolla"These pads are awesome for the daily driver and weekend warrior. They are quiet and stop you good, where a seat-belt with these. My only downer and I know it is because of what the pads are for, but it does take a little warm up. So if you have been cruising on the high way for a little when you go to hit your brakes give it a couple taps to warm them up. On the track FLAWLESS for light weight under-power car."
9Van44000Supra"Work great driving around town, some squeal from one on very light braking, Bought them to drag race, hold 2 psi great start to push though them at 5psi went from 13.10 to 12.89 just with a brake pad change thanks guys"
6Andrew58982M3"Decent street pad, little dust which is easy to clean. Does not perform as well as other pads in the high performance street category, falls more in the dust free category. I would buy again for a daily driver, but not up for AutoX or track."
9William37768240SX"Great pad! They stop at any temp. I haven't gotten any brake from them. Only thing that I don't like is that they bite hard and fast. It a touchy pad for pedal feel if you get what I mean."
10Paul41324CLK430"Right parts, worked perfectly. Just what I wanted. Thanks."
10Eugene40174CLK430"These pads are great. Excellent stopping power, very little dust. I have them matched with Brembo Drilled Rotors on a Mercedes CLK430. I take frequest drives up the CA coast line and through the mountains. After having this combo, I won't use anything else."
10Brian35524WRX"pads went on easily, and were easy to break in. Have not had the car to the track yet to fully test the increase in performance, but brake feel is much improved over stock pads. I have used these pads in the past on other mixed use (street/track) cars, and they work well on the street, and fantastic at the track for open lapping days."
10Tameka27925Supra"I actually order it for my boyfriend, so it works fine or he will be having a nervous breakdown. Thanks, HPF"
8Jeremy25427MR2"Good pads, no sqeaking or noises, smooth engagement. I really like them and gave a noticable improvement in stopping power. They seem to be wearing very well too. Only 2 issues I have is that they do seem to dust more than expected, wheels get dirty after a couple days, and second on really cold mornings you can tell the first time you hit the brakes they take a split second to warm and grab as intended."
7Willem23687240SX"I have a 89 nissian 240sx with the q45 brake upgrade in the front and stock calipers in the rear. I purchased the porterfield pads for the q45 front and 240sx rear to fit accordigly. After a slight mix up due to mis-labeling of a box on porterfields side- and a few calls to Horsepower freaks everything was taken care of, with no problems. Installing the pads were straight forward so I was driving on them the same day. Brake in time was alittle akward as I was still getting used to the bigger calipers and rotors. Once a week had passed and the bias was set the pads worked well, they take a bit to heat up but once to temp they bite very well, almost to well- they are more like an on/off switch, difficult to modulate, perhaps since I am still using the smaller master celender. The dusting on the pads are pretty bad but its what to expect when you want a performance set up. All in all they did very well for the price and application, I have since driven on titan kai from project MU and some endless, both were better performers but they also cose double the price and are almost impossable to find. "
8Michael2681Supra"An improvement over stock. easy install and fit well. I suggest you add S.S brake lines at the time of install. Makes for a good combination."
10Evan15457MR2"nice improvement to braking performance and the brake dust level is satisfactory as well i have nothing to complain about at all."
10Michael11832MR2"Very good quality. Good fitment. Very good braking performance, no fade during trackdays while still providing good, streetable braking characteristics. They do not chew up the rotors, brake well while cold (5 degrees F). They dust a fair amount, but this is more than offset by the incredible way they perform."
9Zachary10080Supra"See front pad review"