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8 Reviews for (Precision Turbo Sport Compact ImportFuel Injectors)

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10)
Precision Turbo Sport Compact Import Fuel Injectors zoom

Precision Turbo  Precision Turbo Sport Compact Import Fuel Injectors  

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10) - 8 Reviews  Write Review

9Rhodelin81509Civic"Very easy to installed in my frankenstein engine, thanks hpf. more power"
8Tyler61385Integra"Took a little work to get them to fit into my stock fuel rail. Other than that they work GREAT!!!! Thanks"
10Alvaro53768Accord"PERFECT FIT!! A1 PERFOMANCE"
10Johnathan56490EVO"havent used them yet but i know they are good quality parts"
10Marty49483Integra"the above parts are the correctt parts sent-i had to modify the plug in connection due to guide slots different than originals,but was able to make parts work-the engine-turbo package dyno tuned out at 243 hp - thank you very much"
9Houa44175Integra"Product performed well. pretty easy to install, vehicle ran better, quality was worth the money I paid for."
10Jason14550"Ive had no problems out of them and am plannig to purchase larger injectors from you guys. Thanks for your good prices and fast dependable service."