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5 Reviews for (Precision Turbo T4 Performance SeriesTurbos Only)

Overall Rating (9.8 of 10)
Precision Turbo T4 Performance Series Turbos Only zoom

Precision Turbo  Precision Turbo T4 Performance Series Turbos Only  

Overall Rating (9.8 of 10) - 5 Reviews  Write Review

10LEONELHPF2.5M3"wow! where do i start? i do not get to drive my HPF stage 2 M3 too often because of work but its a great feeling whenever i do get in it. i noticed the difference in how much quicker or sooner this new PT6766 Spools and how it PULLS ALL THE WAY TO REDLINE IN EVERY GEAR! How is that possible? I Don't know and do not care. as long as my engine doesnt blow up, IM GOOD!"
10Ray73393"The turbo worked great and I gained a ton of power thanks horsepower freaks."
10Carlos40859"Turbo is excellent, good quality. The turbo begin to pressurize from 3800k , but we can help to spin faster with some NOS anti lag system!. "
9Raza13354"Very good spooling turbo for my Toyota Supra Turbo..and has a big powerband..from 4300 rpms till redline...the bigger hotside is better for a manual Supra.. :)"
10Juan37592"The product is exactly what I need it, but i want to thank you guys for the great service provided to me. I did not have the name of the person who helped me, but thanks!!"