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10 Reviews for (RC Engineering Custom ApplicationFuel Injectors)

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10)
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RC Engineering  RC Engineering Custom Application Fuel Injectors  

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10) - 10 Reviews  Write Review

9Vincent17502"Very very good product these fuel injectors are great. I have a 99 teggy GSR with alot of mods and these helped out with the horse power."
10Aaron19575"Very easy to install and have not had any durability issues as of yet. Sent to me with injector flow sheet for the 4 injectors I purchased."
10William17432"the injectors are excatly what i needed for my turbo car and they run perfect. for others to order 1000cc injectors please remember you will not be able to idle correctly unless you have a stand alone computer system in your car already , btw the injectors are great"
10John15739"Great product...."
10Ryan5548"The instuction were simple to follow making the install esay. Using large injectors make sure you are using something to regulate how much fuel is going in the motor."
5Todd7225"Injectors did not match up to factory harness. I had to modify harness and injectors to make correct fitment. After several hours and sware words, injectors fit and did their job. Todd T.A. innovations"
8Don4599"RC engineering injectors are a great upgrade for the toyota corolla ae86 years 83-87. i have had great success with these in the north american spec version, but for some strange reason they don't perform as well in the japanese spec 86's. these are highly recomended in the north american 86's. throttle response is sharp as the factory injectors and you can expect the engine to rev more eagerly as expected from a 4AGE. it makes you want to rev it hard!"
9Michael2436"Two of the four injectors that showed up were the wrong size. The problem was fixed. New injectors were shipped overnight. Thanks."