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20 Reviews for (RC Engineering Peak and Hold Low ResistanceFuel Injectors)

Overall Rating (9.6 of 10)
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RC Engineering  RC Engineering Peak and Hold Low Resistance Fuel Injectors  

Overall Rating (9.6 of 10) - 20 Reviews  Write Review

10Dario56576Supra"PnP, the test results for all 6 injectors were excellent!!!"
10neil64991Integra"recieved the injectors the next day, they worked out fine."
10Ivanov52613Supra"Great product. Comes with all the gromets and O-rings you need. Just be sure to order the apopiate clips. Great quality."
9Richard91289Supra"DIRECT FIT NO PROBLEMS"
7John48458Supra"when i put them in the first time 1 of the rubber gromets that came on the injector was ripped and i didnt even think to check it but i put it on and it leaked, wasnt the end of the world but i had to take everything back off and it wasnt an easy job. but yes it did make a noticable difference cause i added these and a maf"
10Barry47226Supra"I put these in a 1988 Supra turbo along with a MaftPro and rear wheel horsepower after tuning went from 313 to 359 on a resistance dyno at a mile high! Now I have learned that this was accomplished on five cylinders. What will it do with six?"
8mike455663000GT"I just put in my new ECM..Not tunned out yet, but my car show the same or A little more power at only 26% duty cycle so far. they do not come with lower o-rings or fuel rail retainers, so if you need them order @ same time."
10Peter58045Supra"They are working good, running them with megasquirt II. "
10chris26561Eclipse"Awsome service as usual! thanks guys"
10Andy22471EVO"quality as expected, add on, no changes or modification needed!!! Regards AL"
10Rick34082Supra"Price is best I've found & you get individual quality control sheet for each injector.Guarantees quality."
10Peter24588Supra"I felt more low end power and and no need to worry of running lean!"
9Jason31437RX-7"easy to install came with oring that i needed and added the the support i needed for my mod."
10Jeff15071Eclipse"These injectors work great, but are barely big enough for my application."
10sunilSupra"works best with my hks vpc . idle good and no flat spots in trottle"
10Mike3401Supra"this part is what I expected, quality is great, and it works fine. Engine runs smooth now, it gain power, it was what I was looking for"
10Brad3269Supra"Used in conjuntion with the APEXI-SAFC-II provided an excellent upgrade to my 87 toyota supra!"