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8 Reviews for (RPS MAX Pressure Plate w-Sprung Hub 6 Pad DiscClutch Kits)

Overall Rating (8.9 of 10)
RPS MAX Pressure Plate w-Sprung Hub 6 Pad Disc Clutch Kits

RPS  RPS MAX Pressure Plate w-Sprung Hub 6 Pad Disc Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (8.9 of 10) - 8 Reviews  Write Review

10oug41600Supra"A little harsh at first for break in. Of coarse maybe it might of been my driving. Now that I am used to it, slightly short engagement but holds strong."
9Azat28888Supra"Great clutch!"
8David4546Supra"Great daily driving clutch and holds a good bit of power.Engagement can be a bit harsh if you have an aftermarket flywheel though."
8Toufue11876Celica"Good clutch setup. Peddle feel I think is better then the Exedy that I had on before. Engages pretty harsh sometimes but still very streetable. Kit didn't come with alignment tool or new release bearing so that was a bit of a downer for installation, which I had to get seperately, but other then that the kit is great. Probably better suited for mild to heavily modified Celicas then a basic bolt-on Celica, but if you're planning for more upgrades later on this is a good clutch to start off with that will be able to hold up to practically anything you're going to add later on."
10Ken3353Supra"perfect clutch in all areas. Pedal effort is medium compared to stock,and so far is holding 650RWHP with no problem. Combined with a 13lb Mueler lightweight flywheel this makes a perfect combination."
10Scott25959RX-7"A++++ held up well with 407rwhp, bit stiff for the street but, it holds to power."
9Gabriil13692Civic"Really good steel clutch with reinforced pr. plate. I use it on my 400hp B16, no problem. The clutch bearing is not included in the kit."