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3 Reviews for (Racelogic VBOX Performance BoxPerformance Meters)

Overall Rating (9 of 10)
Racelogic VBOX Performance Box Performance Meters

Racelogic  Racelogic VBOX Performance Box Performance Meters  

Overall Rating (9 of 10) - 3 Reviews  Write Review

8kyle79232"Works well. Not as easy to use as I thought it would be. Functionality is a bit embelsihed in the product description. Overall a great product and would recommend it over the other performance meters I have personally used. Great price"
10Jason44772"The product is fan freaking tastic! Love it and its been very useful amongst myself and my peers. This thing allowed me to realize like everyone else i know that through what this machine reads, shows me my acceleration times are quicker than what the car companies out there advertise."
9Jeff61039"Works great. Acceleration, braking, and cornering measures are great tools to have. The ability to record an ENTIRE run either on the track or on the road is great - haven't downloaded and paired with a track map yet, but can see how that would be very useful. Almost never loses sat signal while outdoors. Data downloads seamless. Negatives: windshield mount is difficult to remove quickly (would hate to get pulled over and have this thing still on the windshield!!), software could be easier to use, suction cups are easy to lose when transporting device (prob should include spares with order). Overall, I would highly recomend - easy to track power/performance levels with acceleration, easy to track braking perfomance same way - so can assess impact of mods and performance of car in a consistent manner (w/out having to go to a dyno). Everyone who cares about bhp, 1/4 mi, and 60-130 times should certainly own one..."