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25 Reviews for (SPEC Import Stage 2Clutch Kits)

Overall Rating (9 of 10)
SPEC Import Stage 2 Clutch Kits

SPEC  SPEC Import Stage 2 Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (9 of 10) - 25 Reviews  Write Review

990JDMTEGIntegra"I have a 1990 TEG that I put a JDM B18C GSR swap in and got the SPEC clutch going only on the advice of my HPF sales rep. As usual, they led me to a great product. I just have gotten to the end of the break in period and started to progressively slip it and throttle up on it harder. It has behaved better and better as it broke in. It has excellent engagement without noise or chatter. It also has a smooth and linear grab as it is engaged. The pedal pressure is near stock and I am very happy with it."
10tc3seanRSX"Great clutch, pedal feel is identical to stock with little chatter but expected with an aluminum flywheel"
10Gary71936Eclipse"This product was very easy to install. Clutch pedal feel is great, would never know that its a stage 2. Absolutely no chatter quite engagement and very smooth operation."
9Chad58555MR2"It performed well. I was easy to install with proper tools. I saw noticeable power gains and acceleration. It is still going strong after 7 months. Recommended: polyurethane motor mounts for the increase in grab."
8Sergey65666TL"tootk a little to break in... but after it broke in my car drives better than it ever has!! i never thought clutch can have such a big impact on the cars driveability and performance.. its just too fun to drive my car around town now."
9Andrew60100Civic"Purchased the stage two. good to 250ft/lbs. Put down 220ft/lbs so far and holds perfect."
7Garrett42594SC300"The clutch installation itself was basic, nothing special. It grabs really well while maintaining a pretty close-to-stock feel. Only reason this kit isn't getting a 9 or so from me is because the throwout bearing is very noisy. It makes a cyclical squeak sound that is driving me crazy. I am hoping the noise will go away within the next couple hundred miles, because if it doesn't SPEC will be hearing from me."
10Orlando52783NSX"i put this clutch in my 91 nsx and it grips really great shifts almost like stock but grips awsome very happy with the product though i only have 500 miles on the far so good shipping was excellent ..Orlando in Miami. thanks David for the excellent customer service..."
10Brett49069Miata"works great ,drives like stock (easy on the legs),stainless clutch line is recommended."
8Edward19955Eclipse"Clutch has broken in well... nice pedal pressure, smooth operation, seemingly great preformance. I will be putting it through more serious paces now that its "ready for use",Spec recommends 450 miles before abuse. I'll comment again if needed. There is a slight bit of noise I not used to, but that comes with the upgrade from stock and is only noticeable at startup."
10Richard43064Protege"this is a great purches for all stock or slightly modified engines and it has great daily drivability"
8Charlton37986tC"It was installed with no issues and is performing well"
10MelvinLancer"it was a easy install, and it hooks up great. the quality is great and it has smooth engagement, no chatter at all."
10Alex14125Eclipse"This clutch is the best you can get for the price. I've had the stage 3 Spec clutch but unless you have well over 500horse its too much. I'm running about 370 horse and it is amazing!"
7Jason31005MX-6"I would recommend this clutch to future mx6 owners who don't plan on boosting or using nitrous. I haven't tried nitrous but I have a feeling it would cause this clutch to slip. Otherwise it's a great clutch for people who want an upgrade for their daily driver but not something too aggressive. Two thumbs up on quality."
7Yann26545Miata"The light pedal pressure is a welcomed feature for being able to hold 275 ft-lbs, however I won't be making that kind of power until early next year. The shuddering that is an apparent characteristic of a kevlar clutch gets annoying, but is easily worked around. Longevity is unknown at this point."
9Tom19313Supra"About 3,000 miles into driving on it, after 750 mile break in period. Clutch is holding very well. Has a good positive feel, and is easy to drive in traffic. Have yet to see it under very heavy stress (drag racing) but that time is fast approaching. I have every confidence, that it will continue to perform well."
9Chris17995MR2"I would give it a 10 but i have never done a review before so i have nothing to judge it to. When installing my spec 2+ with my dad in his garage we dissasembled everything, replaced the main seal,resurfaced the flywheel,cleaned every thing and lubed it all properly. I would agree with the saying that, if you "clean" and "lube" everything, it will all work well. The throwout bearing was kinda tricky and you need about 4 guys to jocky the tranny into place. I have a greddy profec b Spec II boost controller,apexi turbo timer, hks fcd,hks supermega flow intake, ko racing downpipe and tko exhaust 7", and trd wires. Oohh yea and a spec 2+ segmented kevlar clutch. Never had any chatter, launches like a dream, and holds power like a monster. I will admit i dont have that much power (still on stock turbo) but this clutch feels like it could easily hold a lot more power. I would throw two thumbs, but that tranny is heavy."
10Corey71443MR2"I can't really compare it to the stock clutch but it works well and no problems so far."
10Anthony12663MR2"The clutch is running great on a td06 powered mr2. I just made sure my flywheel was resurfaced and took it easy for the first 450 miles. Going back and fourth to work makes this go by quickly for the fun to begin ;-)"
10Dustin19987Celica"This clutch installed well and didnt have any problems. Clutch petal is pretty stiff, about 10 times harder to push down than stock. Holds up good durring boost and launches!"
9Vince17019Protege"Overall I am very happy with this SPEC clutch. It has much more grabbing power and much better engagement at high RPM's than the stock clutch. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully especially to resurface the flywheel and break the clutch in properly."
8TimS2000"Lots of grip, engages a bit faster than stock, nice clutch pedal feel and weight, but there is a bit of chatter when trying to slip the clutch."