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36 Reviews for (SPEC Import Stage 3Clutch Kits)

Overall Rating (8.9 of 10)
SPEC Import Stage 3 Clutch Kits

SPEC  SPEC Import Stage 3 Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (8.9 of 10) - 36 Reviews  Write Review

5Sean93026Civic"Good clutch better than oem."
10Dan35843Starion"The Stage 3 clutch functioned as it was intended to be. Installed the same as any other clutch, used the tool lined it up and tighten the pressure plate. Power gains and vehicle performance did increase, due in part because the motor was smoking other clutches, or breaking discs. The clutch outlasted one motor, a broken piston and two head gaskets (a couple years). Drivability is an interesting subject, if you are forced to drive it every day, stay away from traffic at least sitting in it for long periods of time. The clutch becomes very grabby, because it’s hot and the constant engaging an disengaging will give you whip lash. For the starion, it has a hydraulic clutch the feel is great. Take into consideration, it does allow some slip, remember the traffic issues noted above, but offers a good balance the hotter in friction it gets the more it bites. I used the vehicle for test and tune sessions on the drag track and played with it on the street. Yes on more than a few occasions it was my daily driver 30min back and forth to worth. Been there done that. It is a great clutch and will not do you wrong."
9Joel97114Supra"Excellent quality, very good performance, im very happy with the product! Installation went very well, pedal feels almost like stock, just a little stiffer. One bad note: a little noisy, but I can live with it! Thanks!!"
10Brandon10599Skyline"This product is amazing. Rips through first and second. It was a pain to get in because my engine doesn't belong to my car. But other than than it bolted right up, and work wonderfully!"
8Marc-Andre68627Swift"The clutch/pressure plate were perfect.Fits well works well.The only thing was that on the web site they said 4 or 6 pucks so I ordered a 6 pucks but received a 4 because they only made a 4 pucks for my application."
7Johnny Diaz66314240SX
7Tyler66003Protege"i would purchase another one of these. the pedal feel is enough to know that it is performance but not so bad it breaks your leg. it does chatter for a lil while but once it is broke in it is decent. i have a turbo protege 92 with the 1.8. with some other mods and it is holding up well."
10Jennifer64821Mirage"Smooth engagement"
9chris26561Supra"It is a great clutch and holds the power well. It would be harsh to use for a daily driver street car, But that can be expected :)"
8Nathan55844Eclipse"Clutch grabs hard. There is a little noise when cruising off throttle, but I am also still breaking in."
10Alen240SX"Best street clutch ever!!!"
9James43837Eclipse"It's as easy to install as any other clutch. I didn't have to adjust my clutch pedal at all for where it engages/disengages. The pedal pressure is less than that of an act 2100. It chatters if your not careful but that's expected. It has a smooth engagement between shifts. I have 420 miles on the clutch so far and it's starting to feel less chattery as when it was first driven on."
9Jesse42212Altima"extremly awsome agressiveness when takeing off... lol i blew my tranny with it. other than that it's great product, just a little different when your traying to get used to it."
7Richard42922240SX"Its a good clutch. It has a bit of noise issue not found in other clutches I have had. I guess since its a 6 puck clutch. If I could do it over again I would get the Stage 3+. Couse it is a full face clutch and my friend has that one in the same car and it feels alot different and doesnt have the noise isssue."
9Leevon40622Eclipse"great clutch.... easy install make my car a rocketship"
8Trevor19446Celica"Noticable difference in performance."
9Don18053MR2"chatter slightly but holds the power and nothing but what I expected! Great pressure and good driver! I would buy this one again!"
10Brion5747Skyline"Great product! Goes in easy and pulls hard! Would buy again!"
9Juan26443Esteem"Product worked great. Great pedal feel. quick engagment. Would purchase another clutch again!"
10Paul27191Supra"Clutch performed well, was a vast improvement over the old one. Quite tight, and given the chance to do it again, I might have gone with the next level up. This one is pretty easy for even my novice sister to drive on."
10Christian26338Sentra"It was good service"
8Tyler25625MR2"This is an awesome clutch, great combo of daily and track drivability. Grabs and holds really well and should last me a while. The only problem with it is that you may get some clutch chatter."
9DavidMR2"this is a pretty good clutch especially for the price. it chatters a little bit sometimes but its no big deal. ive had it installed for about 8,000 miles and it still is holding up fine. it grabs pretty hard so it takes a little getting used to. i would recomend this clutch to others."
10Dave1873Prelude"This clutch kit is in my personnal AUTOCROSS car and performing great at this time. I can EASILY take off in 2nd gear."
5mattEclipse"its ok for now on my 300hp eclipse 4g63 but i wouldnt by another one i would go clutchmaster or act next time"
10Charles23063Supra"holds the power of my 7mgte at 14psi, smooth engagement, easy to drive, cheap compared to other upgraded puck clutchs"
9Daniel21947MR2"Pedal stiffness alittle softer than stock. Grabby clutch with very little chatter. Works great all around. Very drivable."
10Alex14125Eclipse"This clutch is amazing. However becarful about buying a stage 3 it is ALOT of clutch. It takes a while to get used to it cuz its so touchey but it really is amazing."
10Dustin138033000GT"Actually for my buddies car but he loves it. Said it was the best clutch he has ever used."
9Andre12464Skyline"The spec clutch fit my needs on the mildly modified Skyline, would reccommend it to anyone. Very streetable"
10Bill25086Skyline"easy to install, great pedal feel"
10JamesPickup"I like this clutch. The pedal isn't stiff feels like a stock clutch . It Holds all the power with no slipping very streetable. I had the Exedy stage 2 racing clutch which I didnt like cause the pedal was very stiff and it wasnt streetable. Thanks alot HORSEPOWER FREAKS you guys rock."
9Chris20388S2000"I purchaced and installed this clutch in my 01 S2000. This is a high quality clutch that performs very well. I drive my car daily and have not had any harshness issues. I did not give it a 10 because it did not include a pilot bearing as stated in the description."
8Joe19743Supra"Extremely good product with similiar to stock feel. When cold makes a bit of a whish sound that goes away as the disk warms. Only problem is that it is very grabby, it can be slipped but it takes practice to get it to smoothly engage every time. Would buy again but not sure if its worth it over the stage 2 full face."
10Dennis19220Tiburon"all perf. clutches are noisy but that is to be expected. This clutch holds very well. Never once slipped"
9DavidCelica"Arrived in good condition, bolted up like it was supposed to. still need to relearn driving the car but so far working great. does chatter a bit if starting from a stop and not revved up enough but it engages smoothly and very quickly pedal pressure just barely noticeable i think its a good product up to this point"