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8 Reviews for (SPEC AluminumFlywheels)

Overall Rating (8.9 of 10)
SPEC Aluminum Flywheels

SPEC  SPEC Aluminum Flywheels  

Overall Rating (8.9 of 10) - 8 Reviews  Write Review

8steven116888Conquest"good product just didn't know it didn't bring the dowel pins"
10david118684Redline"Great product, noticed a bit more pep and increase in acceleration. Waiting for warmer weather to give it a good workout."
10Jeshua66049Galant"awesome!!! much more power when accelerating! but still smooth driving around town. i got the 6 bolt for the 4g63 and it drops 10lbs from the stock 18lb flywheel! great quality! highly recommend!!!"
8Fred41864Corvette"Replaced stock dual mass flywheel. Introduced some additional trans noise at idle, in neutral, clutch out. Also, during gear shifts, engine rapidly losses rpm and on occasion with AC on will stall engine during shift. Overall, satisfied with product versus very high price for stock replacement flywheel"
10Justin66715Fiero"Quality is exactly what I would expect, fitment was smooth between the northstar and the 282 transmission. The fact that this product exists at all, is amazing to me, and the fact that it is such a high quality product for a VERY reasonable price (same as any aluminum flywheel)."
10Rembrandt51850M5"I couldn't be anymore happier when I started to use this product on my M5. Thanks Chris and Dave for helping me out!"
7Kevin30171Mustang"this flywheel was awesome. it was about 12lbs lighter than my stock flywheel, the only thing that was a downfall is that i had to re-drill the mounting holes because they where binding up with the mounting bolts. other than that it made a noticable difference in the spool up speed of the motor"
8Daniel12652240SX"Considerbly lighter, but I was expecting it to come as a solid billet assembly that could be resurfaced, the flywheel I received has a surface that must be replaced. Also, the holes for the dowl pins arround the outside edge were just a little off. I could only use some of them for installation. However I've had it for 3 months and am enjoying the driving experience. After putting on my exhaust (months before) the car lost some low end power which I feel was regained after this installation. This was installed with the SPEC Stage II Kevlar disc and pressure plate which I have used in other cars and enjoy. Thanks, Daniel in Dallas, TX"