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10 Reviews for (ST Suspensions SportSprings)

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10)
ST Suspensions Sport Springs

ST Suspensions Sport Springs  

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10) - 10 Reviews  Write Review

9Matthew41216RX-7"Excellent quality, installation was smooth (not counting the 4 hours it took to remove the OEM equipment). The ride is a bit harsher than i would prefer, but not unpleasant. Never saw the 1 inch drop, but thats expected given the wear on the 20-year old parts I replaced."
8Marcello39667RX-7"I have not had any problems with this product. The handling is a little tighter and stiffer which i love. The drop is nice too:) My Mazda rx7 feels great with these on!!"
10Bryan35667Supra"The quality of the springs is great. They could stand to be a little stiffer, but they are not bad."
8Dane92239Paseo"I just installed these springs on my car last week. For performance springs, the ride isn't bad at all. I like them, and I recommend them to anyone that is looking to buy springs for their car."
10David29515Supra"The drop was just as advertised, and the ride was much stiffer than before, but not teeth jarring stiff. All and all a great product."
8Ilya18874Altima"I don't really have other aftermarket springs I can compare them to, that's why I put an 8. The drop by the springs was decent, not something you need to worry about going over speedbumps. The control difference is amazing vs stock. My car is much more stable at higher speeds and definetly on the turns. They are a little rough until you break them in otherwise good. Perfect fit over stock struts and with a small drop you don't have to spend money on adjustable struts. Work great wit KYB GR2"
10Jake(Jason)1694Supra"Lowered the car a little more than advertised but I expected that. Other than that everything improved from handling to wheel control. Feedback from the raod improved as well. If you are looking for a soft ride than stick with stock. These work well as a performance upgrade."
9Terry4112MR2"Springs appeared good quality visually, cut and fabrication very good. Excellent fit into factory struts and towers, drop was as advertised, perform well in corners, quiet. Rears are sagging .3-.5" lower than front after 3,500 miles, and right front is .5" lower than left front. All new KYB G2 were installed at same time."
10Thomas3458Sentra"excellent spring, especially when used with the suspension tech sway bay set. good street ride with huge improvements in the high speed cornering due to the progressive spring nature. Very easy to install and a drop in with stock/OEM struts or with upgrades."