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7 Reviews for (Skunk2 Pro Series AdjustableCam Gears)

Overall Rating (7.6 of 10)
Skunk2 Pro Series Adjustable Cam Gears

Skunk2  Skunk2 Pro Series Adjustable Cam Gears  

Overall Rating (7.6 of 10) - 7 Reviews  Write Review

9Nicholas24897Prelude"It's a piece of metal. Good quality with 6 bolts but everyone uses 6 bolts now. Can't go wrong with Skunk2."
8Raza13354Integra"works great, looks even better!"
7Galo13969Integra"Well, This part is a nice and pretty part. Although I cannot see it, I know that it will help in the future with bigger modifications to my engine. But I did not feel any weight difference between stock cam gears and the skunk 2 cam gears. And the screws seem very cheap; I wouldn't be surprised if they broke on me from too much torque. I would recommend cam gears, in general, to only those people who have a lot of modifications and money and time to dyno-tune their car. All in All, this product is of a good quality and all of the parts look durable (except for the screwa though)."
9Jannesson7173Civic"excellent product. two thumbs up."
6Jason5595Civic"There weren't any problems during the install of the gears, but after about a hundred miles it all went bad. It turns out that Skunk uses cheap chrome plated bolts in the gears, and two of the intake and four of the exhaust side bolts were broke. But, I just went to the fastener store bought some grade 8 (a step I would recommend) and all has done well since. It only takes about five dollars to put in new bolts, do that first and they are great."