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2 Reviews for (Skunk2 Tuner Series VTECCams)

Overall Rating (9 of 10)
Skunk2 Tuner Series VTEC Cams

Skunk2  Skunk2 Tuner Series VTEC Cams  

Overall Rating (9 of 10) - 2 Reviews  Write Review

8Raza13354Integra"great cams!"
10Matthew4818Integra"99 GSR. These cams were drop in installation. My previous dyno was 148 hp with bolt ons. My current dyno with cams, springs, retainers,is now 180 hp.On street tires my 1/4 mile time & speed has gone from 14.59 @ 94.2 mph to 14.12 @ 99.8 mph. These cams pull really good once they are in VTEC. I need larger injectors to run over 8000 rpm, but they tell me I should run up to 9000 rpm with new injectors. Overall these cams were a little less than what I expected (I was really hoping for a 13 second car)."