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11 Reviews for (Skunk2 RacingIntake Manifolds)

Overall Rating (8.5 of 10)
Skunk2 Racing Intake Manifolds

Skunk2  Skunk2 Racing Intake Manifolds  

Overall Rating (8.5 of 10) - 11 Reviews  Write Review

8David112406Civic"Had to return the first manifold it had a few defects did call and got a replacement that worked. they were good about it but its the EXTRA shipping fees that take your budget cash for all those little extra,s. other then that fit was good along with looks and performance. russ at HPF was alot of help. Thanks"
10Yuri115505Integra"somewhat easy to install, had to replace a new manifold studs into a longer studs, and its easy if u do know what ur doing with it and place the right wires and hoses into it. huge notice into power gain and acceleration gain. thanks HPF"
8ThienPrelude99Prelude"Picture did not look like actual part. Had to make extra bracket for cruise control with some other modifications to Hoses on my H22Z1.Maybe harder for others as I am a qualified mechanic. Good for intermediate and upper power gains"
7Victor37672Civic"I did not install this part in my car, it was installed in my friends 98 Civic. He sais it worked really well and there was a noticeable power gain."
10Sean17775Civic"Great product. Easy install, Perfect fit. Good Power increase."
8Matt25668Integra"It is a good part that does what it clames but I can only speak of it installed in other vehicles as I have not yet installed it in my car."
9Christopher15806Civic"Outstanding quality. Get the B16 IACV to put on it to get more clearance from your firewall."