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7 Reviews for (Skunk2 Pro Series BilletThrottle Bodies)

Overall Rating (8.1 of 10)
Skunk2 Pro Series Billet Throttle Bodies

Skunk2  Skunk2 Pro Series Billet Throttle Bodies  

Overall Rating (8.1 of 10) - 7 Reviews  Write Review

8David112406Civic"Fit and work,s well the only issue is can not connect cruise control cable. Good quality part and power gains"
10Yuri115505Integra"easy to install, some modification to do but not a whole lot, notice a huge differences when hitting the gas. recommend to buy this if ur looking to gain some speed and acceleration."
904sispeedIntegra"Only thing i dont like about this TB when i ordered it is its one of the few that does not come with a TPS sensor so make sure you order one. As for the product, its great, i had a blox one before and it stuck a little in the peddle, this one is clean, smooth, and strong product, If your in the market for a Throttle Body i strongly recommend going with the skunk2 for the money."
8Joel47726Integra"Works so much better than the edelbrock throttle body. engine idles fine and does not feel like it will kill, able to mount oem mounts and sensors. only flaw was to drill on the rotor to mount the a/t shift cable"
7Jim46365Integra"it was the right part, but the first one i order it had a sticking problem with the Throttle. Once you guys were aware of the problem you guys made sure that the problem was taken care of... Thanks for all help... Jim. T"
7DavidIntegra"The install of the throttle body was easy. The only problem was that it is defective. It doesn't seal completely cause my engine to rev higher during idle. The real problem is that skunk2 will repair the part but they do not pay for the shipping. Also they will not cover any of the uninstall cost. Be sure that there is a complete seal before you have it installed. The shop I used said they see about 1/10 of these not seal completely. Other than that, it sounds great and gave me more power that I needed"
8BradAccord"Few problems with the install. first the coolant bypass hose couldve been a little bit longer. There were no hose clamps supplied for the bypass hose because the stock ones were too small to fit. And there was fitment issues. I have an F23A4 and the intake has 2 bolts and two studs, one of the stock nuts dont clear the throttle body neck. Besides those few problems the throttle body works great so far."