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4 Reviews for (Skunk2 Pro SeriesCamber Kits)

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10)
Skunk2 Pro Series Camber Kits

Skunk2  Skunk2 Pro Series Camber Kits  

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10) - 4 Reviews  Write Review

9David2545CRX"Part has performed very well so far, have plans on completing the rest of the suspension w/ Skunk2 products. Easy to install, car handles 100% better"
9Scott95137Civic Del Sol"The camber kit was easy to install. The hardest part was taking the old A Arm off. A simple improvement that I would suggest is to use lock nuts on the A Arm mounting bolts. I've had too retightin them twice. My only other complaint is that Scunk advertised a 5 degrees of adjustment. There might be 4 degrees total but half that would give your car more negative camber. Overall Im very pleased with the product. My car has been extreamly lowered and I was able to get the camber within spec, barely. It is in spec but at the maximum allowed point of negative camber. I've been using the part for a couple of months and my tire wear issue seams to be resolved and the car corners like its on rails. I'm very pleased."
10Rupesh35651Integra"+10 points for these camber kits, works just fine and dialed in exactly what i wanted."
10Kiarash7944Civic"These arms are SICK. Installed in about 45 minutes with the right tools. And work great. Got my camber fixed right up and the car tracks very well now."