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2 Reviews for (Skunk2 Pro S IICoilovers)

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10)
Skunk2 Pro S II Coilovers

Skunk2  Skunk2 Pro S II Coilovers  

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10) - 2 Reviews  Write Review

10matt108356Civic"alittle bouncy ,they go down pretty low depending on how you adjust them"
9Manuel79441Integra"I had cheap ebay coilovers before I bought my skunk2 coilovers...I felt a huge diffrence in the ride alot smoother and alot less bumby. Easy to install. The only bad is that there a little stiff but only feel it on railroad tracks and unfinished road construction(so slow down), other than that there great quality. Overall 9/10 would recommend."