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9 Reviews for (Skunk2 Double-BendShort Shifters)

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10)
Skunk2 Double-Bend Short Shifters

Skunk2  Skunk2 Double-Bend Short Shifters  

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10) - 9 Reviews  Write Review

9Justin63244Integra"Great shifter! Good looks with the "S2" logo right under the shift knob, and it has a great feel to it. I am using it with the Skunk2 420g knob and my shifts have improved noticeably. Engagement is more positive and not as much effort is needed. I recommend this to anyone looking into short shifters."
10jjpangCivic"No issues with install, feels great, great positioning. I did however order the weighted knob and it gets really cold, like an ice cube but that is my only complaint."
10Sao65111Civic"Very nice shifter. Makes my friends stock shifter feel like crap."
9Dorne46609Civic"tightened my shift pattern up nicely, could put the knob a little closer to me, but that's personal preference. it rattled a bit at first, so i tightened up the linkage to the point it was hard to shift, then loosened it just a smidge, then sprayed aerosol white grease all over it... fine ever since... i might recomend instead packing the linkage with grease before instalation."
10Kyle44151Civic"flawless. very easy to install, not a power gain, but a time gain, i lost a lot of time it took me to switch gears. Very good product. The car runs a little bit faster with it but i dont have a hp gain from it. it was more than what i was expecting from this product."
10Troy17008Integra"Good height, not too short, solid feeling throws. Quality is very nice with the sealed bearing. Previously had a DC Sports short shifter which was also a nice choice."
10Chris12651Civic"Very smooth shifts. Great shifter."
7Chris1247Integra"gets the job done. not as short as i thought but i actually like it like this"
9Clint1192Civic"The product met my expectation and has performed excellently. Installation was not too difficult and has improved the shifting perfomance."