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21 Reviews for (South Bend Stage 2Clutch Kits)

Overall Rating (8.9 of 10)
South Bend Stage 2 Clutch Kits

South Bend Stage 2 Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (8.9 of 10) - 21 Reviews  Write Review

8john1126663000GT"i originally bought this clutch kit thinking my through out bearing was going up so i used that as an exuse to upgrade. after a very painless install i set out to test drive the car only to find that it wasnt my throughout bearing but my input shaft bearing so i am now rebuilding the trans...long story short i havent gotten to brake in the clutch yet BUT! on the 3 test drives i went on the clutch felt really nice. better pick up yet the pedal still has a stock feel to it. all in all a good product. cant wait to brake it in to really see how it performs"
9Robert115280Eclipse"quality was very good, clutch worked great on my 97 eclipse. needed some adjusting on the clutch master cylinder. Can not say how long the clutch would have lasted, i wrecked my car after about 1500 miles of putting in the clutch."
10Amanda105203Taurus"Had this product in the previous SHO and loved it. Just as easy as any other clutch to install."
8Devan19420Accord"I think the clutch works just fine. I can really feel it grab (This maybe be a biased opinion because my last clutch was almost fried and was starting to slip). I have only drove about 400 miles on it, but so far no problems or complaints. Why an 8? The clutch came later than I expected and when I took the plastic cover off of the new clutch a lot of the red paint came off with it (not that it matters since no one can see the clutch anyways)."
10Jeremy48161300ZX"Awesome clutch over stock,grips and goes,easy to install,and shows veryvery little wear after 2000 miles of hard play.just as good as a stage 2!!"
8Alex73066240SX"I have mild upgrades on my N/A 240sx such as 4-1 header, 3'' downpipe, 3'' exhaust, 2.5'' intake, etc. and this clutch holds very well. It has stock pedal feel and engagement is very smooth. This clutch is claimed to hold 265 ft lbs of torque, and it probably does. The only downside is that this clutch is just an exedy OEM clutch that Southbend has spray painted Red and put it's stickers onto. You can see where it has the Exedy logo etched into both the pressure plate and the clutch disc. Southbend claims to have modified this clutch so that it will hold more power. The only thing I noticed was that there was still metal shavings and machining oil on the clutch from machining work, and the Pressure plate fins looked like they had been torched as they were brownish with purpleish heat marks on them. I have no idea what Southbend did to this Exedy Clutch and they won't tell me, but it works just fine. If you have mild upgrades, it might be wiser to just buy an Exedy OEM clutch for $120. Thats why I give it an 8/10."
10Jared67094Eclipse"Part arrived in excellent condition and time. Installing the part itself was swift and painless. The part is working great."
9Justin62690Escort"I rated this product a 9 because nothing is flawless. The clutch kit installed without any issues with the provided alignment tool. The clutch engages smoothly and grips firmly. I have not had the chance to give a real workout yet because I'm still breaking in the engine. My only issue is I didn't get a cool DXD decal to put on my toolbox, I did get a key fob though."
9allen59796240SX"After the break in and I could actualy get on it, It performed wonderfully. It stands up to my abuse of clutch kicking and 4k drops very well."
9Lee55803Accord"great product for the price. better holding power then stock at less price then oem."
8Adam49013Maxima"this clutch seemed to work great for me.. all the other clutches i tried would seem to slip when it got warm and this one always grabs the same and feel like stock clutch but more power to the wheels not flawless but a very good clutch"
10Adam37052Supra"feels like stock, but holds a lot better.great quality.not failed me yet"
10JeffSolara"Clutch feels great! Engages quicker than stock, pedal is actually lighter, and clutch feels stronger. Recommended!"
8Lydon18712Prelude"The part got to me very fast and i was very pleased with the part. It was exactly what i asked for and i thanks you for the service."
5Tyler13523Eclipse"It has worked with no probs, however @ times it feels a little soft, we will see how it work when I blast over 350hp through it.......LOL!!"
92003BoxsterSMR2"good clutch, what was expected, not a performance clutch. feels just like stock as far as engagement. easy to push in. good traction also."
7Jason48260Eclipse"Better then stock, normal pedal feel - not for High HP"
10Steve9304G20"The clutch was a nice upgrade from stock. No problems with install or performance."