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8 Reviews for (South Bend Stage 3Clutch Kits)

Overall Rating (9 of 10)
South Bend Stage 3 Clutch Kits

South Bend Stage 3 Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (9 of 10) - 8 Reviews  Write Review

9BenEclipse"The clutch is VERY NICE! Feels great during city driving...haven't tried the track yet, gotta let me internals settle in from my rebuild. Feels just like stock with a little added pressure near the end. VERY SMOOTH engagement/disengagement. A little clutch chatter in traffic and sitting at idle, but what you expect from a racing clutch setup? Overall great product! Thanks HPF and SBC!!"
7Raymond43282Protege"the clutch kit was a definate improvement over stock, concidering that i turbocharged the vehicle. though it was said it could withstand 300 pound feet of torque, the dxd series clutch still slips. what can you do. the car is custom, and your bound to run into this sort of thing often. i do wonder if they make a presure plate with even more clamping force though. if so, i would purchase one on the spot. other than the slippage, the functionality of the clutch is well rounded for daily driving, and the occasional boosted pull."
10Mark2153MR2"Best clutch i have ever owned. Miles above my previous ACT. Amazing feel HPfreeks great service!"
9Ray17475Supra"I wanted a clutch that would handle 550HP, have a smooth engagement, be quiet and a clutch pedal that was not heavy. This clutch did all this. I would recommend it to anyone. My previous clutch's were the RPS Blue (pedal far too heavy) and the Tilton carbon, carbon (soft pedal, but very noisy. If you want the ultimate road car clutch this is the one to use."
10Stanislav133643000GT"Great clutch for the great car! Feramic is awesome!"
9Jay8825A4"The clutch and flywheel function flawlessly. There is a marked improvement in driveablility over the Audi factory clutch. The combination easily handles the turbo upgrade on my 1.8t. My only complaint is that the flywheel mount required a little encouragement from a file in order to fit."
8Albert2105Supra"I bought this along with a 11 lb Unorthodox FW. This combo definitely hates traffic (chatters). But, when you put the power to it, it holds like crazy. I was able to chirp the tires shifting from third to fourth at 90 mph while only boosting 10.5 psi."
10Kelly55473000GT"Igive you guys an A+++, shipping was quick. The part fit flawlessly, It will jerk a knot in your neck."