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9 Reviews for (South Bend Stage 4Clutch Kits)

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10)
South Bend Stage 4 Clutch Kits

South Bend Stage 4 Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10) - 9 Reviews  Write Review

7James81770Probe"The clutch disk itself was just an Exedy, but they didn't say that. The pressure plate is pretty soft, I'd say it's on par with a stock clutch. Installation was a breeze, much like any other clutch. Runs as expected, though with the sooooft pedal."
9-Strike-300ZX"The clutch feels awesome. I will definitely buy Southbend again. And most certainly will buy from again"
10Ramsey62917300ZX"I'm past the break in period and It's performing quite nicely. It's such a better ride. I was definitely loosing power with the old clutch. Thanks HPF !"
10Fred43642Accord"product was great every thing that i expected, i couldnt be happier"
10Jesus12719Eclipse"thank you horsepowerfreaks for offering the best product there is, and for having so many choises i could choose from."
7Ryan85303000GT"after proper break-in, and about 5k miles later, the clutch hold very strong. there is a good amount of clutch chatter, and strong vibrations when starting off at a normal pace, say from a stop light, but it is still streetable. i'm not sure if i'd get this clutch again for this reason. other than that, it is a good clutch."
8Ryan3000GT"I had a shop install it for me. There is a considerable amount of clutch chatter. after more than 4k miles, it has not gone away. it is still drivable on the street, just slightly annoying. it does grip and hold well though. i've done a few awd launches and it has not slipped."
6Darrell90614Prelude"I had it installed by a shop along with flywheel. I run this car in Solo1 and Solo2 SCCA events in Solo1 on the track for 30 mins it seems to get hot and slip a bit, maybe that will get better with time or I need a stronger clutch, anyway we will see. For Solo2 and the street it's fine. I rated it a 6 cause I need to know how long it will last before I can give it a higher rating."