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4 Reviews for (Specialty Products Ball JointCamber Kits)

Overall Rating (8 of 10)
Specialty Products Ball Joint Camber Kits

Specialty Products  Specialty Products Ball Joint Camber Kits  

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10Valeriy79001Grand Cherokee"The detail in drawing, doesn't coincide with that that I have bought. By me have been bought, "Specialty Products Camber Kits Front Ball Joints - 4WD: +/-1" for two cars Jeep Grand Cherokee 2001. Problems with installation hasn't arisen, are established without problems (provided that experts establish). With the given details it is very happy. In the first case have helped to keep correct options of a suspender at car lifting. In the second case to solve a problem with corners caster and a camber, after small road incident. With the Best Regards. "
10justino98290Eclipse"great ball joints was so easy to do even without a press took about a hour to do would recommend it anyone with a drop car to use these"
10johnny83734Prelude"shop had little trouble with installing but once in work very good. My camber is good and aligment good to go. No issue so far, 3 monthes and going strong. I would recommand this part to get camber back to OEM standard once you lower your ride."
2tyler88088Integra"it was advertised for a 90 to 93 integra and i own a 91. and after taking out my worn out stock ball joint i found the new performance one here would in no way fit my car at all... it was to big around to fit in the hole for the stock joint and the bolt and nut system on it wasnt long enough to work if it did fit in the hole"