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12 Reviews for (Sprint LoweringSprings)

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10)
Sprint Lowering Springs

Sprint Lowering Springs  

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10) - 12 Reviews  Write Review

7Dillon79945Eclipse"7 out of 10, got the drop I wanted and rides better than stock by far. Add some coil overs to the package and your golden. Very easy to install on rear but the fronts took a little longer. A+ product."
10IonQuad3Ion"Have not installed to my vehicle at this time. But I am hoping it performs well and the quality is what i expect."
10dayve60465Impreza"these springs worked excellent and has excellent ride quality and dosent bump up or down like other springs."
6Rondel54194Corolla"It took just about half hour to install. these springs gives a very comfortable and handles 50% better then the stock springs but the front drop was 3/4", i think that they are to long and the back springs has an excellent drop of 1.9" but it is too too too soft, and cann't put not even one person in the back seat because the wheel and fender keeps on kissing each the front is to high and the back is to soft but the ride quality is very good."
9JayJetta"I like the Sprint Springs for the jetta.. it gets rid of that big gap in the front and the springs ride nice.. i got the sprint springs for now till i get the eibach damp kit and im very impressed with the feel of the ride... Jay"
10ChristopherAccord"Great springs! Easy installation and it dropped my car just right. They are paired up with Tokico Illumina shocks."
10Nathan48531Accord"amazing product. lowered my car perfect. any more would of been too much. have enough clearance to turn and thats all i need. great buy and worth the money"
10Nick39696Eclipse"perfect drop back wheel close to tucking gave car the look we were after."
9Jeff14143200SX"Great!! product easy to install, rides like factory ride. Only dislike, was the back got rid of the fender gap, but in the front could of been a little lower. 2in gap in the front. Thanks Ron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"