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10 Reviews for (Tanabe GF210 Grip FeelingSprings)

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10)
Tanabe GF210 Grip Feeling Springs

Tanabe  Tanabe GF210 Grip Feeling Springs  

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10) - 10 Reviews  Write Review

10Eric36173Supra"Wow! Everything I was looking for in a performance spring. On my Supra, the back end is noticeably higher than the front. Mated with Tokico HP's the cars handling and launch improved to give the Supra the spirit it needed."
10Ryan73792Supra"All I have to say is WOW, big difference, rides great now. I paired them with KYB GR2 shocks. Springs tucked the wheel in to the fender nicely with out making it too low."
10Tom58403Civic"Wonderful ride and handling as a result of the installation of the springs. My suspension upgrade is now complete, I think. Thanks to Dave for all of his help and support!"
7Peter43207MR2"I checked and double-checked the part numbers and order when fitting the parts, but I ran into an issue. I put on KYB AGX shocks at the same time on my 91 MR2, and for whatever reason the spring seemed to be loose inside the strut, only for the front if I remember correctly. I think the issue was resolved by using a particular spacer to fit the shock in the strut housing, but there have been a few noises while cornering and I get the general feeling they didn't fit 100% in the front with the kyb agx shocks, but it might have just been my mechanic's fault - I did see the struts when the springs were in and loose but I assume they found a way to fix that. Anyway, the feel is a rougher ride than stock but I still seem to have quite a bit of body roll compared to my 93 mr2 -stock suspension-, AND I upgraded the sway bar at the same time to a larger one. If I had to do it again i'd get the tanabes with a 1.5" drop instead of 1", and increase the overall diameter of the wheel/tire by a little bit to counter the lower ride. I do use this car for daily driving so it's comfortable enough (the kyb agx's might be more at fault for the rough ride, even on the lowest setting it's not at all like stock)."
9Nathan41387EVO"product was exactly what i was looking for gave me the perfect drop on my evo, looks aggressive and the ride quality is what i expected...looks awesome!"
9Tony35835350Z"GREAT product...handling much improved...perfect drop on my 19" rims, not too harsh, but def stiffens up the handling nicely."
8Dan35035RX-8"I am using these springs in conjunction with the Tanabe Sustec sway bars, overall suspension response is so much better than stock. although the drop could go a little lower, the sring rate is perfect for daily driving."
10Scott240SX"very nice springs. on an S13 they wont lower you alot, it is exactly as advertiesed. however these are one of the stiffer springs available for the 240. if you want the best performing springs for your S13 and dont want to slam it to ground.then these are the springs for you. i love them."
10Rodney28939Supra"this product fit perfect and it performed very well and from the springs there is a noticeable differance in handling"
10Enrequis1187Civic"Tanabe Springs are awesome! After installing the part as well as strut and sway bars, I ran the car at a place called Deal's Gap; 318 curves in an 11.8 mile stretch. The handling was incredible."