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16 Reviews for (Tanabe FrontStrut Tower Bars)

Overall Rating (9.4 of 10)
Tanabe Front Strut Tower Bars

Tanabe  Tanabe Front Strut Tower Bars  

Overall Rating (9.4 of 10) - 16 Reviews  Write Review

10Jacob1170746"installed in less than 15 min. Fantastic."
7DAVID91738MR2"The parts themselves were high quality but there were a few issues, most could have been avoided with thorough documentation so my rating may (or may not) have been higher if the instructions had been available in English instead of Japanese only. Hood clearance is almost non-existent so it's critical the cross-bar be positioned with the smallest cross section in the near vertical orientation. There is a VERY small portion of the end bracket that contacted (and dented) the hood from the inside. That area can be ground away without harm. The end brackets are slotted and need to be aligned with each other carefully so the cross-bar isn't bound. Unless you are willing to omit both factory plastic covers, you will need to cut away some of the area around the end brackets so the larger plastic cover can be installed and the spare tire cover needs cut about 2/3 from the front and some small hinges fastened at that location. It's a nice piece and it really deserves a good installation manual."
8Tantouris52755Celica"The product has very good quality and is very easy to install it .The front part of car is very stable now. "
10Dan44912Prelude"Product performed great. Install was easy. Tough to tell how much this bar by itself helped, as I installed the front and rear strut bars at the same time. But together the car handles much tighter(chasis flex is all but eliminated) and all that is left is some body roll. Steering seems to be tighter, understeer seems to have been reduced and a little bit of lift off oversteer seems to come into play at the right speeds(i'm no expert, so i'm not sure if this is just from pedal play...)"
9Allen47501Celica"Great piece - show quality. Fit perfectly. Noticeable positive change in cornering and overall ride. Friends are jealous."
9Ryan20867RSX"awesome!!! good buy all around, felt a real improvement upfront."
10Chris33981240SX"look great"
10DesiAccord"Another a "must have" for grip drivers. Worth every penny I spent on it. Very light, very strong metal (chromemoly), and good for show as well. It lessen the body roll around fast cornering and it gave me a faster cornering exit (I say 15 mph more). I HIGHLY recommend this product. (I bought the front tanabe sustec and rear obx tower and put the end of obx to my tanabe so I could put tanabe in rear, since tanabe did not make a rear tower sustec). Works awesome. I might change it to CUSCO though since my front is CUSCO, for show purposes only."
10paul40427Prelude"the best very happy"
8Zachary364166"Great product! It has a good look, fitment was great. It would be nice to have it offered in other colors. Instructions were lacking, but installation was common sense."
10Fabio17460Supra"Good Look, Great performance, excelent product ."
9tgift25RSX"The tanabe front strut tower bar was very easy to install and stiffened the front end of my car dramatically. It works very well with after market springs. I noticed a difference in steering after a week of having it installed because it took some time to settle."
10Joshua6451Celica"easy install fst shippng great products thank you"
10Cory1580240SX"Excellent fit and finish!! Welds are perfect!"