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4 Reviews for (Tanabe Sustec RearSway Bars)

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10)
Tanabe Sustec Rear Sway Bars

Tanabe  Tanabe Sustec Rear Sway Bars  

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10) - 4 Reviews  Write Review

10Kyle102070Prelude"This rear sway bar is the best bang for your buck. Performance wise it is great. I have never been able to take corners like I do now. I would recommend this sway bar to anyone. The install was fairly easy. It does not come with end links so you have to use the stock ones."
7James47323Civic"Installation was a lot harder than it had to be, due to the poor design of the stock Honda end links. The Tanabee sway bar made a noticeable difference, getting my car away from understeer, to a more neutral handing stance. Though the bar is 22mm because it is hollow, it may not be as stiff as it could be. I was really looking to add a bit of oversteer to the mix, but this product is not quite there in that aspect. This may not be for the autox or road racing people out there, but is perfect for anyone who wants better street performance."
10DesiAccord"Another a "must have" for grip drivers. Good combination with the front tanabe. Worth every penny I spent on it. Very light, very strong metal (chromemoly), and good for show as well. It lessen the body roll around fast cornering. I HIGHLY recommend this product."