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4 Reviews for (Techna Fit Black 4Brake Lines)

Overall Rating (8.5 of 10)
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Techna Fit Black 4 Brake Lines  

Overall Rating (8.5 of 10) - 4 Reviews  Write Review

8Trond62081Supra"Easy to install, ok quality."
10Eric36173Supra"Quality! The coatings on these are impressive and the rubber end caps really insure a water tight seal. The kit came with new fastener's so the install was smooth and easy with assurance that it will be a leak free job."
9Joel22470STi"Factory fit except for the retaining clips. Could be a little better but the quality is outstanding."
7Ben8008Impreza"No experience w/ stainless braided lines before so not sure what to expect. Pedal feel increased slightly in a positive manor"