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6 Reviews for (Techna Fit Clear 4Brake Lines)

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10)
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Techna Fit Clear 4 Brake Lines  

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10) - 6 Reviews  Write Review

9Lee60758SC300"Product installed same as OEM and functions well."
10David52992Supra"Great fit and easy install. Comes with everything needed. I would buy these again."
9William28773Protege"The brake lines fit well and look like they are well made. No problems so far, but I've only run a couple track days and 5000 miles with them."
9John23746Rabbit Convertible"Little bit hard to install with no swivel end, but I realize you can't get a line like that. Other then that, performs exaclty as it should."
9Michael21554MR2"Installation was a breeze, went in pefectly. They really firm up the brakes and improve brake response. I only wish they had give some idea as to which hoses went on the front and which ones went on the rear. I went with what worked best after mocking them up. Great product."