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12 Reviews for (Techna Fit Red 4Brake Lines)

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10)
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Techna Fit Red 4 Brake Lines  

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10) - 12 Reviews  Write Review

10MalibuguyTercel"Absolutely, borderline disturbing, perfect fit! I use my Tercel for track weekends, & these make that 115-120mph brake zone into turn 1 fear free. I will buy the same brand for my other vehicles as well."
10Michael110740xB"This was a perfect upgrade, installed just like factory, looks awesome especially with another component in the area of installation as an accent color. Had no problems with install and item arrived quickly and undamaged box. I highly reccomend this for anyone that wants better pedal feel and better looks in a spot that does not always get a color treatment upgrade. Will definitely purchase again for another vehicle."
10NilcoA.I.115591Sentra"the parts were perfect braking better"
10jesse97796MR2"great price, great look, bolted right in. im a toyota tech & these installed easier than stock lines, & toyota wanted $100+ a line. i got all 4 for $150. NICE! "
9Sylvan88997Integra"Good brake lines, ease to install."
9Joseph72154Camry"Great quality. The lines are some of the best I could find. It really helps to have that pvc coating so that dirt can't get in the steel braiding. The fittings appear to be properly crimped with a permanent strain relief. These lines really stiffened up my break pedal. NOTE: Steel brake lines don't increase braking power, they simply make the brake pedal feel firmer with less sponginess. The only down side was that the bracket on the rear lines did not have the section to be bolted to the strut, so I ended up using zip-ties to attach the lines to the strut."
9Lawrence34430EVO"good looking product. fit perfect. I did my rotors break paps and lines all together, its hard to say on respond increase just on the lines. but I can tell you it feels good."
9Justin46437Integra"These brake lines look awesome. Easy to install, i don't know about the plastic brackets on them but they're pretty well made."
10Timothy41266EVO"the Techna fit brake lines made a huge improvement easy to install"
9Dennis28789A8"easy install and fits like the original and pedal feel is tighter!! thx H.F.!!"
9HalSP71Supra"Very well made lines. Why pay high prices when these lines will work just as good and come in many colors. The braided clutch line is a mandatory purchase."
8Robert11827Tercel"The only problem was that the hex was different than the stock lines but the part still fit"