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11 Reviews for (Tein FLEXCoilovers)

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10)
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Tein  Tein FLEX Coilovers  

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10) - 11 Reviews  Write Review

9Yves51569TSX"The Tein coilovers are really well adapted for my car. I have great pleasure to drive my car. The installation of the coilovers, really easy."
10James29012Prelude"this product was easy to install and a great improvement"
10Curtis37378Supra"Fit was great, fully adjustable hieght and dampening. Instructions could have been in english, but figured it out."
9SamuelSupra"One of the best suspension upgrades you can install on an MKIV Supra. Overall, the car was a lot easier control, unlike a lot of the coilovers out there that are either too stiff or somehow not appropriately set up for the car. Surprisingly, ride comfort was great as well."
9Alvaro30649240SX"they work very well on my 240sx installation was simple... the only bad thing about is the ride... i used to have worn out oem struts and coilovers were still harsher..."
9Brian13034240SX"The flex are great for everyday driving, i love them on my s14. Install was ok, the bracket for the brake line has to be bent to attach it to the front coils. install took about 1.5hours just cause the bracket was a bit difficult. they came already at a good height. No squeaks or weird noises, great product i will buy Tein coilovers again."
10PaulPrelude"This is a huge improvement over my stock suspension. The control and the smooth ride has made me a very satisified with tein. I also have the EDFC so it is very is to switch my setup from inside the car."
10Fabio17460Supra"Good material. Better controll and confort."
10Dan949Supra"Great for daily driving and on the strip. Highly recommended!"
9Mike557Supra"Installation was straightforward. The coilovers are quality pieces, and once installed the car handled a lot better than stock. It is nice that they are easily adjustable. I have no complaints thus far (besides price being a little high)."
10Patrick3236Supra"Tein Flex Coilovers have to be one of the best additions anyone can make for a MKIV Supra. The range of adjustability is awesome, they can be adjusted to a very comfortable setting for rough roads. I have compared them to the Tein HA's and there is simply no comparison. Anyone who purchases the Tein Flex's will be satisfied."